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Crust Project Development — Jan. 4 — Jan. 10

Crust Community Activities

In Crust’s 2020 review, Crust has reached the following goals:

  • Up to now, there are 84 code repositories (including private repositories) under crustio/, with approximately 250,000 lines of code and 15 code contributors. The main protocol layer code function has been basically completed.
  • At present, the Crust global community members has exceeded 17k, and the number of Twitter followers has reached 10k+. The Crust WeChat official account promptly publishes relevant announcements and effective information to 4,000+ followers every day.
  • Participated in 7+ conferences, including Web 3 Foundation Forum 2020, Demo Day, CTC 1st Anniversary Summit, The First Blockchain Technology (Advanced) Seminar, WEB 3.0 Talks,Parity & Friends Meetup.
  • Participated in 80+ Interviews, AMAs, Panel Discussions
  • Organized 2 sessions of OpenDay offline meetings, 4 sessions of Crust Show, 1 session of “Crust Talk” and other online sharing and discussion activities.
  • Launched 7 airdrop Candy activities, including 2 Storage Market Token CSM Candy activity, with 3,374 addresses registered and a total of 611,361 Candy distributed.
  • Crust Apps user registrations has exceeded 5,380.
  • The Crust test network has reached a maximum of 1,003 nodes, ranking first in the Polkadot ecosystem list for 3 weeks, covering 54 cities and 10 countries around the world.

For Details: Crust 2020 Year In Review

The Crust “Profit Ark” incentivized testnet has run smoothly for 7 phases. As the “Profit Ark” enters the later stage, the development team will focus on the main function of the Crust Maxwell Pioneer Network. The development team has completed the Token’s centralized bridging scheme design and partial code writing, so that the Crust ERC20 Token can be bound, secured, mortgaged, and transferred on the Maxwell pioneer network. At the same time, the development of Crust’s core function, the decentralized storage market, is basically completed, and it is currently entering the testing phase.

For details: Crust “Profit Ark” Review 7: Development Team to Focus on Maxwell Pioneer Network

Crust is excited to announce our partnership with Litentry, a Decentralized Identity Aggregator that enables linking user identities among multiple decentralized networks, to enable cross-chain access to decentralized storage of identity data. For details: Crust Network and Litentry Collaborates For Decentralized Storage and Data Security

On January 5th, the Crust Network team joined the Polkadot Meetup hosted by, discussing the Polkadot parachain.

Crust Project Development

  1. Completed the development of PoC11, and released Version 11 (
  2. Completed the performance test of the new version of DSM and integrated related tests into the CI system.
  3. Completed the 10% tax collection mechanism for new orders in the market module.
  4. Completed the distribution mechanism of staking pools in GPoS to limit the total amount of rewards.
  5. Completed the reward distribution process of the staking pool in the DSM module.
  6. Fixed the issue of discontinuity in Finality after relying on the new version of Substrate.
  7. Fixed the problem that the project could not be compiled on some Linux systems due to the Ring library.
  8. Separate the timing of MPoW module and GPoS module.
  1. Removed part of the duplicate code, increased code readability.
  2. Carried out the integration test of DSM2.0.
  3. Completed the spot check function of IPFS source files.
  4. Tested SGX production key.
  5. Fixed a bug that could not resume normal work after the upgrade failed.
  6. Add test cases for IPFS spot check.
  1. Add File Info command to display local storage information
  1. Completed the development of PoC11, and released Version 11 (
  2. Adapt link end interface (DSM 2.0)
  1. Completed the development of PoC1 (, which basically realizes the default automated order-taking strategy.
  2. Adapt the link end interface (DSM 2.0)
  3. Adapt sWorker interface
  1. Merge to polkadot-js/apps/release-0.74.1
  2. Integrated IPFS file upload, browse file, download file and other functions
  1. Service Layer: Complete Block subscriber
  2. Service layer: Update the correspondence between Merchant and file according to the transaction



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