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Crust Project Development — July 05 — July 11

Crust Community Activities

Maxwell Preview Network Weekly Report

Crust Decentralized Storage Market was officially opened on February 28th, 2021 (GMT+8). There are 2,658 nodes in the entire network, with a total storage capacity of 641 PB as of July 5th. The network is currently in a state of lack of tokens.

Starting from the evening of May 5th, Crust Maxwell preview network has reduced production, and after that, the daily output of the preview network will be 1,500 CRU.

Maxwell Preview Network Weekly Report:

Profit Data

“Profit Data” is currently live. The report of this activity is published every Monday. As of July 5, the data computing power of the entire network reached 50.4TP, and the effective staking amount of the entire network CSM was 495,218.

You can log in here to view real-time data every day:

For details: Profit Data | Data Power Rules Adjustments and Upgrades

For rules: Profit Data | Activity Rules

CRU18 Claim

Users need to claim their CRU18 tokens to Maxwell before July 8, 2021. If the claim time is exceeded, a proposal needs to be submitted in the on-chain governance module and voted by the community before the claim can be completed.

For details: CRU18 Claim

TOPDAO Press Conference APAC

At 16:35 on July 7th, Crust was invited to participate in TOPDAO Press Conference APAC and presented at “Looking at the new pattern of storage” panel discussion.

Polkadot China Tour

On July 11th, Crust was invited to participate in the 2021 Polkadot China Tour held by BML in Chongqing. Crust participated in the panel discussion and talked about “What is the current state of Polkadot under the slot auction”.

2021 Substrate Developer Meetup

On July 11th, Crust participated in the “Substrate Seminar” in Hangzhou, presenting that the decentralized computing era is coming. This seminar mainly discussed the combination of Substrate technology and cross-chain communication, combination of decentralized computing and identification practical scenarios, which aims to help Chinese developers understand the basics of Substrate and how to join the Substrate ecosystem.

Kusama Parachain Slot Auction

At 14:30 on July 7th, Crust distributed the 4th reward of the slot auction, a total of 489.0533962 CRU and 97722.24391 CSM were awarded to the 6,980.1602 KSMs which supported Crust Shadow.

Crust’s Kusama slot auction channel are including:


2)Math Wallet:






8)Polkadot Apps:




Crust x CoinMarketCap Airdrop Activity

This CSM airdrop activity was very hot in the community, which attracted more than 160,000 participants and hit a historic high for CoinMarketCap airdrop activities. Due to this, there was a huge workload of statistical and audit for us. Thanks for your understanding and patience, the result of the CoinMarketCap airdrop activity is available now!

Check the result on the activity page:

CSM Related Activities for Community and CoinMarketCap Airdrop Users

Crust published the guidance for how to participate in the CSM related activities. We will provide a benefit of free transaction fees for the community and CoinMarketCap airdrop users. Users need to provide a Maxwell address (this address must be in our community whitelist.

For details: What can I do after receiving CSM?

66th Episode of Jinse Finance Talk (Hangzhou Station)

On July 9th, Crust was invited to participate in the 66th episode of Jinse Finance Talk about Layer 2 — Expansion hosted by Jinse Finance in Hangzhou. Crust as one of the panelists presented that Crust network provides high security and highly available data storage network and has ability to provide higher system security for Layer 2 solutions.

World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021

On July 11th, Crust was invited to join the panel discussion of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021, discussing how blockchain can enhance the new experience of future urban life.

This World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021 gathered many top guests in the industry. Mr. Chai as the representative of Chinese Academy of Engineering shared the topic of data sharing and privacy protection in the digital economy era, the TEE technology adopted by Crust is one of main technology ideas recognized by Mr. Chai.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the Crust Grants project Decoo was selected as a demonstration case of global blockchain innovation application in 2021.

Crust Project Development

Protocol Layer

Chain Work Overview

1. [Mainnet] Optimize the combination of merchants staking module and benefit module

2. [Mainnet] Add tax discount according to the benefit module

3. [Mainnet] Update the benchmark results and add the appropriate weight to the block initialization function.

4. [Mainnet] Modify all the parameters

5. [Mainnet] Update the chain spec and docket scripts

6. [Mainnet] Optimize the mechanism according to the DSM users and merchants behaviors

sWorker Work Overview

1. Fix the call file deletion logical vulnerability

2. Increase recover_illegal_file interface to fix illegal file

3. Change work reporting cycle to one hour

4. Further stress test

API Work Overview

1. Optimize the on-chain confirmation logic of Work Report to further eliminate IllegalFileTransition caused by incremental reporting

Application Layer

sManager Work Overview

1. Optimize the overall design of the throughput problem in Maxwell

App Work Overview

1. Adjust the theme and text of Maxwell Wiki

2. Close the CRU18 Claim channel

3. Build Endpoint cluster

4. Preliminary design and implement the Benefit module

Wiki Work Overview

1. Adjust the theme and text of Maxwell Wiki

Crust Grants

- User Application Layer -


A file sharing platform based on Crust network

1. The application has been approved, and enters the development phase

- Blockchain Application Layer -

Wanke NFT

A Crust-based NFT asset management platform, and a general Crust-based NFT asset management tool will be developed at the same time. All NFT platforms use this tool to integrate Crust

1. The application has been approved, and enters the development phase



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