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Crust Project Development — July 19 — July 25

Crust Community Activities

Crust Decentralized Storage Market was officially opened on February 28th, 2021 (GMT+8). There are 2,746 nodes in the entire network, with a total storage capacity of 650 PB as of July 19th. The network is currently in a state of lack of tokens.

Starting from the evening of May 5th, Crust Maxwell preview network has reduced production, and after that, the daily output of the preview network will be 1,500 CRU.

Maxwell Preview Network Weekly Report:

Profit Data

“Profit Data” is currently live. The report of this activity is published every Monday. As of July 19th, the data computing power of the entire network reached 159.9TP, and the effective staking amount of the entire network CSM was 1.6695M.

You can log in here to view real-time data every day:

For details: Profit Data | Data Power Rules Adjustments and Upgrades

For rules: Profit Data | Activity Rules

Crust released v1.3.0 of the economy whitepaper, which can be viewed on the official website. In v1.3.0, the economic parameters have been adjusted, and detailed explanations have been made in the GPoS mechanism and storage market operation mechanism. For details: Crust Network Economy Whitepaper

Crust announced the checklist and timeline of mainnet launch which will be updated and improved from time to time according to the progress of completion. At the end of July, users can claim ERC20 CRU tokens on Ethereum to the Crust mainnet; On August 12th, the Crust mainnet will open node access and enable the CRU transfer function; At the end of August, the Crust mainnet will enable the DSM funcion, users can store and retrieve files through the Crust Network; At the end of August or beginning of September, Crust Network will officially launch.

For details: Big Announcement — Crust Mainnet Launch Timeline

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Crust mainnet, the DCF foundation have added more rewards for the “Profit Data” activity and launched the “Lucky Order” activity on July 21st. 40 CRU per day will be rewarded for “Data Collectors” to encourage storage nodes and ease network congestion.

For details: Crust Profit Data — “Lucky Order” Activity

Crust announced that it will settle in the Evolution Land Metaverse to establish a community camp. By establishing a community, players in the community can get multiple benefits such as NFT and RING for free!

Due to the launch of the “Lucky Order” activity, the activity of the storage market transaction has been further promoted, which triggers the price adjustment mechanism (for the specific storage market price adjustment mechanism, please refer to the Economy Whitepaper v1.3.0).

Currently, Tips for storage orders will significantly increase, and we welcome nodes to take orders positively to receive more revenue.

SINSO is a medical data aggregator based on Crust and IPFS, including the front-end display API interface of medical image data. SINSO Getway can upgrade traditional medical business data to Web 3.0. Using SINSO Getway based on Crust can quickly develop a medical industry standard medical image reading, storage and display system.

For details: Distributed image cloud based on Crust

Crust Project Development

Protocol Layer

Chain Work Overview

1. [Mainnet] Remove the free account mechanism of old versions

2. [Mainnet] Remove group mechanism and adopt MPoW’s group mechanism

3. [Mainnet] Re-support the prepaid pool mechanism and fix the deduction loophole caused by settlement at any time

4. [Mainnet] Optimize the parameter collection and calculation of dynamic adjustment rate

5. [Mainnet] Support multi-signature function

6. [Mainnet] Adjust the maximum file size to 32G

7. [Mainnet] Collect dust account balance to the treasury

8. [Mainnet] Support on-chain deleting expired swork code

9. [Preview Network] Upgrade the on-chain 28 version, adjust the dynamic fee rate adjustment curve on the preview network and reduce the quota of free accounts

sWorker Work Overview

1. Launch Mainnet branch

2. Standardize code format

3. Adjust log information to enhance readability

4. Walk-through test of code

Crust API Work Overview

1. Split the Mainnet branch and lock the code

2. Adapt to Mainnet Chain Types

Crust Claim Work Overview

1. Adapt to the mainnet type

2. Design and implement the Claim process for the mainnet

Application Layer

Crust.js Work Overview

1. Upgrade and adapt to the mainnet type

Node Work Overview

1. Launch Mainnet branch

2. Mainnet internal test

sManager Work Overview

1. Launch Mainnet branch

2. Adapt to the mainnet Chain Types and change the processing logic of reading files according to the new version of DSM

3. Build telemetry service for information collection

Apps Work Overview

1. [Preview] Launch “Lucky Order”

2. [Mainnet] Adapt to the themes and types of the mainnet and Maxwell

3. [Mainnet] Complete the development of the Benefit module and launch the test environment

Subscan sPlore Work Overview

1. Adapt to the mainnet DSM

Crust Grants

The storage browser on the existing blockchain browser

1. Complete the functions of Milestone1 and plan to support the Crust mainnet in the next phase

Based on Crust, a centralized storage platform which integrates AR, Filecoin and other project storage functions

1. Apply for reviewing



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