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Crust Project Development — Nov. 30–Dec. 6

Crust Community Activities

Crust Network Incentivized Testnet “Profit Ark”

Crust Network Incentivized Testnet “Profit Ark” officially starred to calculat points on November 30th. Since launch, it has received extensive attention and participation from Crust communities at home and abroad. Around 565 storage nodes from all over the world have joined the incentivized testnet. The cumulative available storage space close to 20 PB, and the total number of verifiers and candidates is around 200. Nodes are located in more than 10 countries, such as China, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, Greece, Austria, Germany, France, UK, Finland, Canada, and US. Want to join the Crust “Profit Ark”? Please check the details here: Crust Network “Profit Ark” Incentivized Testnet is Now Starting!

Jinse Finance Live Streaming

On December 4th (Friday), the Crust Network team joined the live streaming program for the Chinese crypto and blockchain community with Jinse Finance. In this live stream, Bova, founder of Crust Network, updated the audience with current key progress and future plans of Crust.

World Blockchain Conference 2020 (Wuhan Station)

From December 5th (Saturday) to December 6th (Sunday), the Crust Network team participated in the World Blockchain Conference 2020 (Wuhan Station) hosted by, sharing the views on the Polkadot ecosystem with other star projects in the Polkadot ecosystem, including Bandot, ChainX, Litentry, Zenlink, and Darwinia.

Crust Project Development

Chain Work Overview

  1. Completed the test code writing of DSM2.0
  2. Fixed the Stake Limit abnormality caused by allowing the same Pubkey to repeatedly enter the network on the chain
  3. Fixed the issue of Stake Limit abnormality caused by Chill Pubkey
  4. Added on-chain Chill events
  5. Built DSM2.0 pricing algorithm simulation program framework

sWorker Work Overview

  1. Added a reminder that the supported version is too low during the upgrade process
  2. Fixed that the drive letter address with SRD capacity of 0 is not displayed in Workload
  3. Added the detailed information output interface of Sealed File
  4. Added IPFS Timeout
  5. Supports the function that the remaining SRD tasks will continue to be executed after restart or upgrade
  6. Realized file fragmentation processing logic after Seal failure
  7. Optimized output of some Logs
  8. Preliminary test of DSM2.0 storage performance

Node Work Overview

  1. Check the isgx device before starting Sworker
  2. Extend Logs method to support multiple parameter configuration
  3. Add Sworker’s Docker update command

Crust Apps Work Overview

  1. Fix the Bug of renaming and deleting errors in the IPFS file list
  2. Optimize the logic of folders and drag-and-drop in IPFS
  3. Modify Modal color scheme and I18n error
  4. Add some contract operations and mock order function

“Profit Ark” Work Overview

  1. Open source points algorithm background program
  2. Fix the computational vulnerability about report rate
  3. Add search bar and Telemetry link

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CRUST implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, and vision to building a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

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