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Crust Project Development — Oct. 25–Nov. 1

Crust Community Activities

Opening Day of the 2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week

On October 26th, the Crust Network and other 14 projects joined the opening day of the 2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week and conducted a demonstration.

Jinse Flash Week — Polkadot Ecological Roadshow

On October 27th, the Crust Network team participated in the live “Jinse Flash Week — Polkadot Ecological Roadshow” hosted by Jinse Finance.

Crust Network x Subsocial

Crust and Subsocial are pleased to announce a Partnership. With the help of Crust Network, Subsocial plans to provide their users with a smooth experience of managing their data in a truly transparent and censorship-resistant way. It is very beneficial that as both Crust and Subsocial networks are built on Substrate — this allows them to be easily integrated.

Learn More: Crust and Subsocial Announce Partnership

Cointelegraph Online AMA

On October 22nd, the Crust Network team joined Cointelegraph online AMA with the topic of “Web3.0 Vision, Polkadot and Web3.0 Technology Stack Progress Measurement”.

Web3 Forum 2020

On October 29th, Crust Network joined the panel discussion of Web3 Forum 2020 with the topic of “Web3.0 Privacy”.

Crust Project Development

Chain Work Overview

  1. Complete the 0.10.0 version iteration and the function of “Profit Ark” testnet
  2. Complete the second and third part of the migration of the OnChain cryptographic library, add the on-chain X509 signature algorithm and the on-chain P256 verification algorithm
  3. Fix the problem of the upper limit of star network binding during A/B Upgrade
  4. Complete the design of the DSM 2.0 Payment fund pool

sWorker Work Overview

  1. Realize the adaptation of IPFS interface
  2. Star network and A/B upgrade complete integration test
  3. Add and improve upgrade code test cases
  4. Use the restart mechanism to fix the upgrade 4007 error
  5. Cooperate with the chain’s password library upgrade to make corresponding modifications
  6. File status retention during A/B switching

Node Work Overview

  1. Fix the bug of Curl infinite waiting during upgrade
  2. Remove some useless functions for the new module of DSM 2.0

sManager Work Overview

Storage Manager, used to manage meaningful files locally on the node. Including the node’s own IPFS ordering strategy and the interaction strategy with sWorker, the overall design is plug-in component assembly, allowing the node to customize ordering strategies, disaster recovery control, etc.

Complete the basic structure construction, including Decision Engine (order-taking strategy engine), Cache (Queue persistent storage layer), IPFS Callback, etc.

Crust Apps Work Overview

Develop a plan to connect with IPFS Companion


Complete the CI automatically issued by Candy

Improve Crust Cloud’s GPoS function

Complete the background statistics logic of the Profit Ark’s activity page




Decentralized Cloud Blockchain Technology

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Crust Network

CRUST implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, and vision to building a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

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