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Crust Shadow will connect with the Kusama network as the 19th parachain slot

We are thrilled with the community’s excitement and response to Crust launching on Kusama Parachain!

Crust won the auction for the 19th parachain slot and was awarded the parachain ID 2012. Thanks to all contributors your tireless support! In two weeks, the Crust Shadow network will complete connecting with the Kusama network.

In this slot auction, Crust received a total of 30,026.2370 KSM. Crowdloan contributors will be rewarded according to 1 KSM: 1 CRU + 1000 CSM, with a total allocation of 80,000 CRU + 80 million CSM. 30% of the reward will be released immediately, and 10% will be released for each subsequent lease period (each 6 weeks). Once Crust Shadow has connected successfully, the reward collection rules will be announced. Please stay tuned.

Crust Shadow is a “Kusama version” of the Crust Network, represents an early unaudited release of code that has been made available first and holds real economic value. Crust Shadow is designed to be a Kusama parachain and will participate in Kusama’s slot auctions. It is a proving ground for XCMP, can provide storage functions to other parachains and will be upgraded with the development of Kusama. The CSM token is Crust Shadow’s native token, with total initial amount of CSM being 200 million, which will be allocated to the community.

More information please refer to:

At the same time, Crust Maxwell has completed its mission, and now the Crust Mainnet is very stable. After Crust shadow goes online and runs stably, Crust Maxwell will gradually withdraw in an orderly manner. The CRU on Maxwell will be transferred to the mainnet, and the CSM on Maxwell will be transferred to Crust Shadow gradually.

Crust is now participating in the second batch of Polkadot slot auctions, with a total reward of 1,000,000 CRU. Crust has also prepared a lottery for contributors. A total of 10,000 CRU lucky draw rewards to be shared amongst 10 randomly selected winners (1 DOT receives 1 lottery ticket).

Regardless of whether Crust wins a slot, we will have the lucky draw rewards for all contributors. Looking forward to your vote!




Decentralized Cloud Blockchain Technology

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Crust Network

CRUST implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, and vision to building a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

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