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Crust Token Metrics & Economics

Token Details

Token Ticker: CRU
Initial Supply: 20,000,000 CRU

CRU (ERC20) Contract Address: 0x32a7C02e79c4ea1008dD6564b35F131428673c41

Token Distribution

Token Sale: 5,000,000 CRU (25%)

BD & Marketing: 2,000,000 CRU (10%)

Community Development: 5,000,000 CRU (25%)

Foundation Reservation: 4,000,000 CRU (20%)

Technical Team: 4,000,000 CRU (20%)

A breakdown of the initial token distribution
Crust Community Development Plan

Token Unlock Plan

Token Sales:

Private Round

15% of the sold tokens in the Private Round are circulable at TGE, and the remaining 85% are locked. The locked tokens will be linearly unlocked over 1.5 years after the mainnet goes live.

Seed Round

Tokens sold in the Seed Round are fully locked and will remain locked for half a year after the mainnet goes live, and will be unlocked linearly over 1.5 years afterward.

BD & Marketing

The Crust Foundation will review working capital requirements every 6 months. BD & Marketing tokens are used for marketing purposes such as airdrops, testnet incentives, and other marketing activities.

Community Development

The Crust Foundation will review requirements every 6 months for the community development budget. Tokens for community development will be unlocked as needed, and are used for purposes such as exchange liquidity (CEX and DEX) and similar purposes.

Foundation Reservation

Tokens reserved for the foundation are fully locked and will be linearly unlocked over 2 years after the Mainnet goes live.

Technical Team

Tokens reserved for the team are fully locked and will be linearly unlocked over 2 years after the Mainnet goes live.

All locked tokens can be used for staking purposes.

When will you launch the Mainnet?

We are targeting Q2 2021 to launch the Crust Mainnet.

Token Sales

During the previous sales rounds, 3 million CRU were sold. 1 million in the Seed Round ($0.5 per CRU), and 2 million in the Private Round ($1-$2 per CRU).

An additional 2 million CRU will be available for further plans:
100,000 CRU for auction
550,000 CRU to bootstrap DEX & CEX liquidity, onboard strategic ecosystem partners, run community events and other social activities.
1.35M CRU tokens will be locked in a separate contract; we will review our working capital requirements every 6 months

Current Circulating Supply

2M*15%(Private Round) + 100K(Auction) + 550K(liquidity) = 950,000 CRU

Reserved for Marketing and Drops: 50,000 CRU

Token Utility

In the Crust network, the CRU token mainly has the following functions:

1. Staking to maintain the GPoS consensus of the Crust network

2. Used to guarantee the selected nodes

3. Serving as contract guarantee and commission for providing resource services

4. Serving as a transaction fee for using the network

5. Used to purchase resource services

6. Used for election and voting of on-chain governance mechanism, and vote on proposals

Token Wallet Addresses

Foundation: 0x8D72C0F4aF3F153Da7d44d544039748Ac4E29FE9

Team: 0x6e3d93153B9C19e9aFC16b1DB5d3e74252E40bdD

Token Sale: 0x644F2fbAe66e193f8b9C0f1c76b7eC56a93b594e

Ecosystem: 0x0de0EA2AC0AD2B26715DD59BCadfED684d198656

Marketing: 0x66446EE47de6b3b74bFd50560BA26a3D252c2FE0

Community: 0x909bA6382f55947b9b803D9D019aeaf5218bb445

Staking Income

In the Crust Network Staking mechanism, CRU tokens are staked and distributed to staking participants. The yearly staking income is as below:

Other Tokens in the Crust System

In Crust Network, except for the main token CRU, there are tokens such as CSM, CRU18 and Candy that can be used in activities and marketing promotion. These tokens will be distributed to the community users and related entities entirely in the form of placement.


CRU18 represents CRU that is unlocked over a period of 18 months. CRU18 was issued to private equity investment institutions and those who participated in the early Profit Ark testnet. CRU18 cannot be transferred or traded, and will begin to linearly unlock over 18 months after the launch of the mainnet.

Once the Crust Network mainnet has launched, CRU18 can be used in staking.

CRU18 Contract Address (ERC20): 0x655ad6cc3cf6bdccab3fa286cb328f3bce9a3e38

CSM (Crust Storage Market)

CSM is the storage market token, with a total supply of 200 million. CSM will be completely freely distributed to the community through activities. No less than 100 million CSM will be distributed before the mainnet launch. The remaining CSM will be distributed via storage market promotions. CSM is mainly used in the following areas:

1. Used to participate in storage market related activities;

2. Users can use it to obtain discounts related to storage market rates;

3. Merchants can use it to obtain discounts related to storage market rates;

4. Used to exchange CRU in market revenue pool.

CSM (ERC20) Contract Address: 0x2620638eda99f9e7e902ea24a285456ee9438861


In most of Crust’s community distribution activities, Candy is used as the reward for distribution. The conversion ratio between Candy and CRU is 1000:1, which will be open to exchange after the mainnet is launched. Aside from being used as a reward, Candy will also be used for community activities, such as voting, and other aspects.

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