Crust’s Pink Journey: Partnering with PINK for Community Involvement

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2 min readMar 15, 2024


Crust turns PINK

As one of many other Parachains, Crust Network has joined the PINK movement and is looking forward to a collaboration with the first purely community driven Meme project on Polkadot.

As 4th Parachain partnering up with PINK Crust will receive 0.91% of the entire PINK token supply and plans to distribute this allocation to the Crust community via various activities.

This means, Crust will airdrop more than 20 million PINK tokens and will contribute to a fair and community driven distribution in a decentralized manner.

We share the PINK vision of putting the community first and love to reward our loyal supporters and users with a juicy airdrop of PINK tokens.

What is PINK?

PINK is a meme community for the Polkadot ecosystem with the goal of gaining net new eyeballs on Polkadot, and introducing the PINK gaming universe.

PINK captures new mindshare by reinforcing the image that Polkadot is Pink, a color of positivity and laughter. Once we capture mindshare around a simple ecosystem narrative, it becomes easier to discuss Polkadot’s compelling tech narratives.

Polkadot — and crypto more generally — needs simpler, more engaging narratives. Our space also needs simple tech to allow for experimentation and fun to increase adoption.

Please learn more about PINK here:

Our distribution plans

As stated above, Crust will receive 0.91% of the entire PINK token supply (20,930,011 $PINK) and aims to distribute all of it to our valuable community via different activities.

Further details regarding each specific activity will be announced and shared via our social channels.



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