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DCF: Suspend the services of Crust Maxwell webpage & block explorer

The DCF(Decentralized Cloud Foundation) made a proposal about Crust Maxwell operation on the Crust governance platform Subsquare. The proposal has now entered the voting process, and the voting period is 7 days. Please vote for this proposal!

The content of the proposal is as follows:

Due to the stable operation of the Crust Mainnet and Shadow Network, Crust Maxwell has achieved its goal of conducting functional tests. The DCF fundation plans to permanently suspend the services of the Crust Maxwell’s webpage and block explorer on February 4, 2023.

As there are still a small number of undistributed CRU block rewards remaining in the network, we propose that these rewards will be distributed among validating nodes that meet the criteria [having been a validator in the past 6 months and a total duration of at least 1 month].

Crust Maxwell will take a snapshot at approximately 3:00 pm (UTC+8) on February 3, at block height 10528500. The **CRU **and CSM assets in the accounts corresponding to the snapshot of the network address will be transferred to the corresponding Crust Mainnet (CRU) and Shadow Network (CSM).

Users need to import their account addresses from Maxwell to Crust Mainnet or Shadow Network, to retrieve the assets in the corresponding address after the snapshot block height.

  1. Since ‘Crust Candy’ is a kind of the marketing events Points, users need to complete the exchange of CRU by themselves before the snapshot, otherwise it will not be able to be transferred and exchanged.
  2. If the total assets in your Maxwell account are less than 0.01 CRU, it will not be transferred to the Crust Mainnet.

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