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【ERA: 217】Crust Network Mainnet Launch, We Are Here Now!

Mainnet is live!

At 18:00 September 1st (UTC+8), the Crust Mainnet was officially launched at the 217th Era, and block rewards were opened at the same time. After “Profit Ark”, Maxwell Preview Network testing, and passing a third-party code audit, the Crust Mainnet has finished development and is now officially delivered to the DCF (Decentralized Cloud Foundation). As of August 31st, the Crust Mainnet has reached over 1,000PB in storage capacity, and the number of account addresses has exceeded 6,100.

New Functions

  • Cross Chain Transfer

Crust launched the function of Maxwell Asset Bridge to Ethereum, allowing users to transfer CRUs on Maxwell to Ethereum, and also to transfer CRUs (ERC20) on Ethereum to Maxwell. Transfers are received in real time. The bridge between CRU on the mainnet and CRU (ERC20) will also be launched soon.

For detail:

  • Simple and Convenient File Storage

The storage market column of Crust mainnet is divided to: storage users and IPFS users. The storage user function is open to users without IPFS clients, and files can be uploaded and stored on the Crust mainnet with a simple operation. Crust created IPFS Web3 Auth gateway, which will be connected to the projects of the Web3 ecosystem in the future. Using its own address will directly use the Crust network for storage. Besides Web3, Crust plans to cooperate with other ecosystems to connect larger decentralized storage networks at the same time.

For detail:

With the official launch of the mainnet, Crust Network will continue providing more new functions to bring better experience to various participants and users of the network. Let us look forward to the growth of Crust!

Mainnet Data Report

Please note: This article was published on Sept. 1, 2021




Decentralized Cloud Blockchain Technology

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Crust Network

CRUST implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, and vision to building a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

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