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FAQs — CMC Diamonds Events

Q: I am a CMC Diamonds user and I submitted the wrong address in that program, what should I do?

A: The correct valid address should be the Crust main chain address, starting with ‘cT’. We have screened out all invalid addresses, CMC will contact you by email, you just need to resubmit the correct address according to their instructions.

Q: I corrected my address via email from CMC, why am I not a premium user yet?

A: The CMC has set a deadline for users to modify their addresses on January 14th. They will give us the new list on the 15th, so after the 15th we can issue Premium Membership to users who change their address.

Now, please activate your account, login in Crust Files and set your nickname. After the 15th, you will become a premium user.

We can only issue Premium Membership to already activated accounts, so be sure to activate your account first.


Q: I am a CMC Diamonds user and I submitted the wrong address in that program, but I did not receive the email. What should I do?

A: As long as the address you submit at CMC Diamonds does not start with ‘cT’, it will be screened as an invalid address by us. CMC will send all emails before January 14th, please also check your junk mailbox.

If you have already submitted an address starting with ‘cT’ at your Diamonds program, but you want to change your address, sorry, we don’t have the access.

Q: I am a CMC Diamonds user and I submitted the correct address at the event, why am I not yet a premium member?

A: The Crust Files team can only help users who have activated their accounts to turn on Premium Membership. So, you need to activate your account first. For the valid addresses that CMC has sent to us, we will refresh it once a day and issue premium membership to activated users.

Therefore, after you activate your account, you need to wait for less than a day before we can refresh your account as a premium user.


Q: What’s the benefit for me to get a Premium membership?

A: Ordinary users need to pledge 5 CRU to become Premium users, and the current New Year discount is 40% off (3 CRU).

As a Premium user, you can:

About the Grand Draw

Q: What are the specific rules for the event?

A: We will set up some milestones (1000,4000…..) to celebrate the number of premium users reaching new heights. Whenever a milestone arrives, we will give all premium users a 48-hour sign up time to collect their tickets. After 48 hours, the winning number will be revealed, and all users with the Draw number tickets will share the CRU in the prize pool equally.

Q: Is the draw random and depends on what?

A: This draw is completely random. When each milestone arrives, the page will reserve 48 hours for users to sign up and display a countdown. The block after 48 hours is the Draw Block. The last number/letter of the block hash of Draw Block is the winning number.

Q: I have already drawn once, can I draw again?

A: As long as you are a premium user, you can participate in the Grand Draw every time the milestone arrives. But you must ensure that you sign up within 48 hours of the milestone achieved. We will alert users on Twitter and telegram communities whenever sign up starts.

Q: How do I withdraw/ claim my Share-and-Earn rewards?

A: After getting rewards through our programs, you can see all your rewards at the bottom of the Share-and-Earn page. Click ‘claim’ and sign, the page will display ‘ongoing claim…’. We will send rewards to users on a weekly basis, so you can receive CRU rewards within seven days of claiming, and the rewards will be directly sent to the Crust address you use to log in to Crust Files.

About Storage

Q: Is there a limit on the total number of uploaded files for Premium users?

A: The upper limit of a single file for Premium users is 1gb, and the total storage space is temporarily unlimited.

Q: After 180 days, if I withdraw the deposit, am I still a Premium user?

A: Premium users have the right to withdraw CRU after 180 days of payment. But once the CRU is taken out, you will lose the Premium membership and become a trial user again. If you keep your CRU stake unchanged, you will keep your Premium membership.

Q: How long will my files be stored on the Crust network and how do I renew?

A: Whether you are a trial user or a Premium user, the files you upload will be stored in the Crust network for 6 months by default. But after becoming a Premium user, you’ll be eligible to renew storage for your files and see when your files expire.

Q: How long will the New Year’s 40% discount last? When will the stake amount change back to 5 CRU?

A: In the early days of Crust Files, in order to encourage users to use it, we set a 40% discount. The team will decide when to restore the original price based on the growth rate and total number of users. But invite bonuses and invite discounts remain.



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