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Grow To Earn — Join The Open Community Program


Crust has always strived to be a community-owned and community-operated blockchain protocol. A while ago, Crust launched the Crust mainnet Governance module, which transfers the decision-making power of key decisions related to the mainnet to the community.

The next important step for the network is to not only empower the community to make decisions, but also enable community members to actively participate in the expansion and management of Crust community. We are about to launch a brand new community program, the Open Community Program (OCP), an inclusive program that invites all members of the community to join.

In the following, we will introduce the OCP in detail and let you know how Crust enthusiasts can join the OCP, what kind of rewards you can expect, and what rights and benefits you getwithin our program and community.

How to join OCP?

OCP will use Discord as the main collaboration platform and Discourse as the main discussion & voting platform.

1) First of all, you need to join Crust Discord and pass the “human verification”, otherwise you will not be able to get permission to speak and browse some channels.

Discord -> WELCOME -> verify-human

After this you will get the status of <Guest>. Congrats on officially joining the Crust community. Guests can participate in the most channel discussions.

2) If you want to further contribute to the Crust community and get rewards in return, you need to upgrade to Member status.

<Members> need to pass a “CRU balance verification”. Your Crust address requires at least 50 CRU in order to pass the verification and needs to be put in the required format as explained in the channel.

Discord -> WELCOME -> verity-crust-wallet

After your address is verified, you will get <member> status! Congrats on unlocking OCP’s Guild channels, now you can select the channel you are interested in, enter and discuss with others!

Members have the right to initiate proposals (apply for bounty / identity status upgrade), you can discuss the work you want to do in each Guild, start contributing to the community, or apply for bounties to the Community Council according to the rules and workload.

GUILD Introduction

Developer Guild: Technical support community

Includes but not limited to technical issues, community projects, network technical support

Content Guild: Article translation, design, original content

Including but not limited to any published official content, poster, web design, project related creation

Operations Guild: Community & Marketing operation, management, and maintenance of Discord

Including but not limited to create tools and standards for each group, response to questions, spread news/announcements

Global community: operation in different languages,

Including but not limited to global community information synchronization, community growth

OCP will not set plenty of goals and tasks, it is a completely open program. If you can spontaneously create more, then there will be more honor and rewards.

Bounties standards

  • All rewards are judged based on the contribution results. The reward is based on USD, CRU is floating, and the final reward paid in CRU.
  • All contributions require proof of work for all community members to see. (Developers can use Github, non-developers can use Google Sheets/Notion).
  • All rewards can be posted by the Community Council or proposed by members. Member-proposed rewards require at least one L2 contributor to sign the bounty for budget allocation. The following awards are used as a reference standard.


Simple Designs (Posters, etc.): 10–50 U/design

Complex Designs (Exhibition Boards, Crust NFTs etc.): 20–150 U/design


Based on scale and expected time required, originality, reading volume, etc.

50–150 U/ Article, must be original and at least 1000 words


Provide rewards according to translation scale and expected time required, reading volume, etc.

Medium article /conference content: 10–30 U/1000 words


For different community operation and management:

One language: 5~20 U/h (Members)

One language: 10~25 U (Level 1 contributor & Level 2 contributor)

The workload depends on the actual activity level of the group, the proposal should include more than 2 weeks of workload


Technical support on Github: 20–50U/issue

Online workshop: 100–500U/session

Offline workshop: 300–800U/session

Toolkits/AppLayer optimization: 500–1000U/pullrequest

Layer1/layer2 optimization: 500–2000U/pullrequest

This offer is only valid for proposals submitted from May 15 to August 15, 2022. Every three months the Community Council will adjust the offer slightly.

Apply for rewards

1) You can Share and discuss your ideas with other members at each Guild, then go and put your ideas into practice.

Discord -> Different guild

2) Post your contributions and results in the Crust forum, share the link of the proposal to the Proposal channel, and let everyone vote for your proposal.

Crust Forum:

Discord-> OPEN COMMUNITY PROGRAM -> your proposal

3) The reward will be reviewed by L2 contributors and the Community Council every 2 weeks, and the result will be displayed in the showcase channel.

Discord -> OPEN COMMUNITY PROGRAM -> showcase

OCP Member Journey

Crust OCP is divided into 5 identities. The higher the level, the higher the honor and responsibility, and the higher the rewards.

After accumulating experience and achievements, members can propose to upgrade to obtain L1 contributor status. The L2 contributors and Community Council will vote for you based on your performance. If you pass the vote, you will get the status “L1 Contributor” set by the administrator. With this status, you can enjoy higher job remuneration.

If you want to further contribute to Crust’s OCP and have a certain desire to lead a team, you can initiate a proposal to become a L2 contributor. L2 contributors will be able to vote on rewards and identify upgrade proposals. You’ll have some leadership in your guild!

The Community Council has the highest decision-making authority in the Crust community. In the early days of the OCP, the Council consisted of the Crust council, but we will gradually transfer seats to the most valuable and contributing community members.

Same as for bounty applications, if you want to submit a status upgrade proposal, please go to:

Crust Forum:

Discord-> OPEN COMMUNITY PROGRAM -> your proposal

Now, start your Crust OCP journey here: !

About Crust

Crust Network is a versatile, purpose-built storage blockchain that delivers truly decentralized file storage and hosting capabilities for the entire Web3 ecosystem, empowering privacy and data ownership. Crust Network enables dApp hosting, NFT metadata storage, and encrypted file storage across a wide range of blockchains.

Join Crust Network now and enjoy access to over 1,000Pb storage across more than 5,000 nodes!

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