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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The “Profit Ark” Node Upgrade Patch

Currently, nodes that have joined Crust “Profit Ark” (refers to the nodes that have completed the install of Crust Node) may encounter abnormal block synchronization (finalize lagging blocks). The latest Chain Image has been officially released. All nodes need to be updated to the latest Chain Image to run again, otherwise, this may lead to instability of block authoring, which will result in penalties for your node and affect your rewards.

Please follow the below steps:

  1. Update Config Generate:
sudo crust tools upgrade-reload c-gen

2. Clear Chain Data:

sudo rm -rf /opt/crust/data/chain/chains/mwlcc2/db

3. Update and Restart Chain:

sudo crust tools upgrade-reload chain


1. After the above operations, the block needs to be resynchronized (synchronization time depends on the factors such as network speed and machine performance, which may take several hours). Work Report will not be sent during the synchronization period, Staking Limit will temporarily be 0, which is a normal phenomenon, and will not affect your rewards.

2. You can perform the following operations to view the synchronization of your chain

sudo crust logs chain

3. If your block synchronization still has problems, it is recommended that you execute the following command to force synchronization to resume

sudo crust reload chain




Decentralized Cloud Blockchain Technology

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