Introducing EthDA: A Polygon CDK native Data Availability network

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3 min readMar 4, 2024


Crust Network is excited to announce EthDA and to bring seamless Data Availability (DA) solutions as well as native support for blob transactions to the entire Polygon ecosystem.

In the near future EthDA is set to fully integrate with Polygon’s CDK framework via various contributions and interfaces, promising further benefits for all Polygon builders and users on their journey to effortless scalability. We also share Polygon’s vision of providing aggregated value throughout the ecosystem and with EthDA are inspired to foster and drive this aggregated growth among all CDK chains.

One of the biggest innovations of the upcoming Dencun upgrade for Ethereum will be the implementation of EIP-4844 or also known as Proto-Danksharding. Proto-Danksharding is set to introduce a new type of transactions called “blob carrying transactions”, wherein blobs can be understood as data containers. Typically, these blobs contain batched transaction data (calldata) published by L2s and to be stored on their underlying DA layer.

In recent developments, modular DA networks have emerged as the next pivotal advancement in Ethereum’s scaling strategy. Following the success of rollups and Layer 2s, DA networks now offer a next level scaling solution by alleviating the burden of data availability-related resources directly on Ethereum L1 and instead pushing it to dedicated DA networks. By doing so L2s can drastically increase throughput and reduce costs of transactions for their entire ecosystem.

About EthDA

EthDA is an Ethereum-based ZK Layer 2 built with Polygon CDK. It aims to scale rollups, validiums, appchains, or any other L2 or L3 on Ethereum with Proto-Danksharding compatible Data Availability solutions.

Native Ethereum support: EthDA is built on top of Ethereum’s tech stack and secured by Ethererum’s beacon chain providing the most seamless user experience for Ethereum builders possible.

Data Availability interface: EthDA provides a seamless and Ethereum native interface for DA services, allowing its users to pay for blob storage and network fees using native $ETH.

Blob TX: EthDA utilizes the newly introduced concept of blob carrying transactions and allows builders to leverage blob tx to efficiently publish and bundle L2 transaction data.

dStorage and Inscriptions: EthDA extends and abstracts around the concept of blob storage by supporting blob based use cases for dStorage and inscription scenarios.

Currently EthDA testnet is live as L2 on the Sepolia network and supports different tools for users to experience EthDA’s Blob and DA solutions first hand. For example with EthDA’s BlobTx dApp users are able to upload text and image data which will be compiled to blobs and sent to EthDA via blob carrying transactions in order to keep it permanently available.

EthDA Devnet has officially incorporated support for Polygon zkEVM, marking the Polygon ecosystem as the very first to be supported by EthDA. Within the Devnet environment, the following contracts are now available for deployment:

Looking ahead, EthDA’s roadmap includes plans to implement a decentralized network of sequencers where blob data is guaranteed via Data Availability Sampling (DAS) and Blobweave schemes. Also, EthDA will keep contributing to Ethereum’s scaling roadmap by innovating around the new concept of blob tx.

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