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Kusama Slot Auction Reward Distribution

Crust Shadow is now connected to the Kusama network and running smoothly. Thanks to all community contributors for the support of our Kusama slot auction! Crust will distribute the rewards this week.

30,026 KSM was contributed for this crowdloan, the total rewards are 30,026 CRU and 30,026,237 CSM. CRU reward will be distributed to Crust Mainnet first. CSM rewards will be distributed after Crust Shadow officially launches on Kusama as parachain and is running smoothly (estimated mid-February).

Rewards will be distributed by phase, 30% will be distributed in the initial unlock, and 10% for the next 7 lease periods.

How to claim CRU rewards:

1. If you participated on a third party platform, please follow their guide to claim rewards.

2. If you participated via Polkadot Apps, please import the json file of the account into Crust Mainnet, and rewards will be distributed automatically to the mainnet account.

Video Tutorial

More information:

Meanwhile, Crust is participating in the Polkadot Slot Auction, with total rewards of 1,000,000 CRU. We welcome you to vote!

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