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New Crust Community Rewards Program!

Crust Network is opening a community rewards program in order to directly reward those who interact with the community and Crust’s social media accounts! Unlike the Open Community Program, the Community Reward Program will be open for anyone to join including non-Crust token holders. The ultimate goal of this program will be to increase the activity on Crust Network’s social media accounts, and spread the word about Crust! The following article will dictate how the Community Rewards program will work, the rules you must follow, and how to join!

How does it work:

Every month we will give out a “Best Crust Community Member” award, and we will host separate smaller random contests each week. Examples of random contests may be solving a riddle, competing in a Crust meme contest, or a reward for the best Crust twitter space. The Best Crust Community Member award will go to the members which are most active in the community. We will use a website called Crew3 to track the statistics of each member, and those who are on the leaderboard will win! The number of winners and the amount of money you can win will change depending on how many people participate in the program. If there are too many participants we can increase the prize pool and number of winners so that the likelihood of winning remains the same.

Rules for the Best Crust Community Member Contest:

1. To join the Best Crust Community Member monthly contest you must create an account on the website Crew3. To join our community on Crew3 please click this link:

If you make an account and lose the link to join our community you can also find it by typing Crust in the search bar on the explore page of the Crew3 website.

2. Every day, different activities you can engage in for Crust will pop up on the community dashboard with different point values. The harder the activity the more points you can win. The Crew3 website will keep track of each activity you join and assign points to your account. Those with the most points will end up on the leaderboard so that you can track how many activities you need to join to increase your chase at winning.

3. We will send CRU to the top leaders each month. For December we will send CRU to the top 3 leaders. If many people join we may decide to increase the number of winners in the future to keep the probability of winning the same!

4. We have the right to reject any submissions which we suspect are bots, or if the quality of the submission is extremely low. For example, if one activity is to write an article about Crust for 1000 points, but when we receive the article it is just random words with the necessary keywords the submission will be rejected and points will not be granted.

Rules for Weekly contests:

  1. Rules of each weekly contest will differ depending on the activity
  2. Keep an eye out for our posts, or in our Telegram group to be updated on these activities. We may also post the activity in Crew3 as a separate contest.

How to Join the Crust Community Rewards Program:

Joining this program is simple! Just fill out this form so we can get your Twitter account, and Crust Wallet address to send rewards to.

Don’t forget to sign up for Crew3, so that we can keep track of everything you participate in, and distribute rewards fairly!

Also, join this telegram group so that you can hear updates about the contests, and join in on secret bonus events!

Now that you are all signed up let’s go over the rewards we are giving away for this month! As it is our first event this will be the shortest contest! The winner of these contests will be announced on December 1st!

December Community Rewards Program:

For the month of December, we have a total prize pool of 760 CRU! This prize pool will be broken down into 2 contests: Top Community Member Award and Best Crust Twitter Space Award!

Prize: 170 CRU to each winner and 3 people may win this contest (total CRU distributed 510, approximately $100 each individual, $300 in total prize pool money)

How to win: This prize will be won by the most active Crust community member! Activity will be judged based on the number of tweets about Crust, comments on other accounts about Crust, and interactions with Crust tweets and online events (likes, comments, retweets). The quality of tweets will matter, as bots will not be considered for this prize! To join you must sign-up for the Crew3 website, and join the Crust Community.

Best Crust Twitter Space Award:

Prize: 250 CRU to one winner (approximately $150)

How to win: This prize can be won by the person who hosts the best Crust Network twitter space. To enter you must host a Twitter space and tag Crust Network in the title of the space. The space topic is open for you to decide, but you must tell viewers about Crust. You can host a Crust community chill and talk space, a shill space where you just discuss Crust, a technical talk space, or any other topic you can think of. Amount of viewers, length of space, and engagement/people talking in the space will be considered. The prize winnings may be split by a group if requested (for example you get a group of friends and plan a space together). Every space you host = 1 entry. Remember to tag the Crust Network account in the title, so that we see the space!



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