Upgrade Alert: sWorker v2.0.0 Released with DCAP Support — Essential for Miners

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2 min readMay 13, 2024


We are thrilled to announce that sWorker v2.0.0 Released!

Core Feature Enhancements:
1. Support ECDSA- based DCAP attestation and entry network
Bug Fixes:
1. Fix the issue in sWorker v1.1.1 where occasional failure to report after deleting files due to network fluctuations and RPC node lagging, resulting in an E10003-FileTransitionError error when reporting Work Reports, which could not be recovered from.
==> Miners are strongly advised to upgrade sWorker to version v1.1.2 or v2.0.0 for more stable Work Report reporting.

More information about the ECDSA- based DCAP attestation and entry network:
Intel plans to end of life (EOL) the EPID IAS service at April 2, 2025. All sworker entry network requests after this date will be failed.
For the IAS service replacement, Intel has launched the ECDSA-based DCAP attestation solution, which allows providers to build and deliver their own attestation service. Base on this solution, Crust has developed and deployed the Crust DCAP attestation service.
sWorker v2.0.0 supports ECDSA DCAP attestation, which can utilize the Crust DCAP service for attestation and entry network.

Miner can purchase new types of server to entry Crust network, for details on what types of servers support SGX DCAP, please refer to the latest wiki document [EPID & ECDSA #2.2]: https://wiki.crust.network/docs/en/Q&AForEPID-ECDSA#server_support_ecdsa

How to upgrade and deploy:
Please refer to the latest wiki document [EPID & ECDSA]: https://wiki.crust.network/docs/en/Q&AForEPID-ECDSA



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