Vote for $CRU on Binance and Win Big with Crust Network!

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2 min readMar 18, 2024


Crust is now inviting the community to vote for the listing of $CRU on Binance! To incentivize participation, we have prepared rewards totaling $10,000 for lucky participants!

Here are the reward rules:

- Climbing to the top 12 in the voting rankings will earn one participant a reward of 1000U worth of CRU.

- Reaching the top 5 will result in one participant receiving a reward of 2000U worth of CRU.

- Securing the first place and successfully listing on Binance will award one participant with 7000U worth of CRU.

Of course, after the listing on Binance, we will have even richer rewards for participants, so stay tuned!

To participate:

1. Vote your USDT for CRU on the Binance page and take a screenshot to keep a record of your vote. Don’t worry, these votes don’t actually spend your funds; they are just staked in a pool and can be retrieved after the event.

Voting tiers currently available are 10/30/50/80/100. Since this voting event is divided into different tiers, the lottery will be conducted based on the weighting of points.

Page link:

2. Submit two screenshots in the Crust Zealy task:

One screenshot should show your vote count, and the other should display your username on the voting page.

3. Wait for CRU rankings to rise and rewards to be distributed!



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