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Matt Cruz
May 21, 2017 · 5 min read
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I was starting to dread Monday mornings. No, it wasn’t work that I dreaded. I loved work. But for the past couple of months, my Uberpool ride fare went from an average $5-$6 one way to a staggering $9-$10. My morning and evening commutes were starting to eat up my finances.

Paying the fare was starting to become something I didn’t look forward to everyday and I only lived 3 miles away from my work in South San Francisco.

My Uber bill had started stacking up. I went from paying an average of $150 a month for Uber rides to $400. This totally sucked.

Being a lean entrepreneur, saving every penny I could to invest in my company was crucial. That $400 could have gone to ad spend and other overhead costs.

Then, I discovered Scoop

I went from spending $400 a month to $20 just by using their app.

Here are all of the reasons why you should be using Scoop over Lyft and Uber if you depend on ridesharing apps to get to work everyday.

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Scoop Vs Uber and Lyft: Price/Fare Comparison

With Uber, I was spending on average $9-$10 going to work one way depending on traffic. The prices also tend to increase during rainy days when more people are using the app.

With Scoop, I was only spending $1 per trip (flat fee). This was also due to the City Sponsored Rider Discount in San Francisco which deducted -$3 off every ride. Normally, it would cost $4, but participating cities will reduce that cost for you as a rider. Drivers also get a bonus +$3 per scoop rider with the City Sponsored Driver Bonus. This also provides incentive for drivers, since you could earn up to $240 to $360 a month just by giving rides on your way to work. (a good way to cover for your gas and insurance costs)

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Driver/Rider Availability

Unlike Uber or Lyft, you need to schedule your Scoop ride ahead of time. For morning rides, requests must be made before 9:00pm the previous day and for evening rides, 3:30pm of the same day.

Drivers and riders are encouraged to be on-time for pickup and get charged a $5 no-show/cancellation fee. This ensures that you get to work on-time and that scheduled rides are met. ​

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The probability of getting matched with a rider/driver on your route are high and in the event that you aren’t matched with a driver for your evening ride home, Scoop has a Guaranteed Ride Home Program which reimburses you up to $40 on your Uber or Lyft ride home. Simply take a screenshot of the receipt of the alternate rideshare app you used and send it to them within 7 business days.

More details of Guaranteed Ride Home Program here. ​

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Networking With Local Professionals And Entrepreneurs

When you ride with Scoop, you’re riding with other professionals in your area. This provides you with some excellent networking opportunities. While riding Scoop, I’ve gotten to meet CEOs, financial analysts, marketers, programmers and consultants. I’ve also connected with some prospective clients.

You also have the option of adding your driver/rider to your ‘favorites’. This let’s Scoop know who you like riding with and matches you with them more frequently.

Scoop also goes through a background check on all drivers and vehicles to ensure safety for their riders. More info here.

Good For The Environment And Less Traffic

Scoop gets most of their funding from sponsored cities who subsidize their carpoolers’ rides. The company gets paid to promote carpooling through their app which alleviates traffic in cities. This is how they are able to keep costs down to $1-$4 per ride.

Read the article on techcrunch here.

This is good for congested cities like San Francisco and encourages drivers/riders to carpool more, therefore reducing the carbon footprint and keeping more cars off the road. Less carbon emissions, less traffic, less accidents and safer roads.

Final Thoughts

Scoop saves you time and money when it comes to your commute to and from work. It also provides you with invaluable networking opportunities especially if you are an entrepreneur. The app is convenient, safe and environmentally friendly.

My experience riding with Scoop is greatly enjoyable and I highly recommend anyone reading this article to try it out.

At the time of writing this article, Scoop is relatively new and is currently being used in select cities. Let’s help spread the word of this awesome project.

Enter Promo Code: MATTHEW2AQ to get $20 of FREE CREDIT on your first trip! That’s 10–20 free trips for you.


​;-) You’re welcome.

If more people are made aware of the awesome benefits in carpooling with Scoop, we could reduce traffic and congestion as well as save people more money on their commute.

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Matt Cruz is the lead writer and marketer for Cruzado Marketing and crafts content to help businesses increase their sales, reach and brand awareness.

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Cruzado Marketing

Cruzado Marketing is about providing value to entrepreneurs through our articles in business, marketing and self-development. Enriching the lives of people who are striving to better themselves is our goal and helping you make better business choices is our mission.

Matt Cruz

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Matt Cruz

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Cruzado Marketing

Cruzado Marketing is about providing value to entrepreneurs through our articles in business, marketing and self-development. Enriching the lives of people who are striving to better themselves is our goal and helping you make better business choices is our mission.

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