How To Use ClickFunnels For eCommerce | New 2017 Tutorial & Review | Version 1.0

Here is a quick tutorial on how to build a funnel for your eCommerce business. Feel free to customize this template to fit your business/company needs.

Get the template for this tutorial here: eCommerce Funnel

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If you’re starting an eCommerce business, you’ve most likely heard about how funnels can increase your sales.

Through a guided process, a funnel:

“Introduces a potential customer to your product through a series of steps to learn about your company and product/services, to arrive at a decision whether or not to opt-in to you.” (

Follow these steps to build a high converting funnel for your business:

Step 1: Create an ad.

Find an advertising platform where you are likely to reach your ideal customer.

Are they on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Are they likely to hang out on a website where you can display your offer as banner ads? Can you reach them through someone else’s email list where you can pay to have them send your product offer through a sponsored email blast(solo ads)?

Create a paid ad targeting them with a FREE offer as bait. This can be anything from a FREE eBook, report or a physical product like sunglasses, credit card knives, coffee mugs etc.

Step 2: Create a landing page

After clicking on your ad, your prospect is now sent to a squeeze page/landing page where they are lead to perform a specific call-to-action such as exchanging their contact information (email, phone number).

Make sure to have them opt-in with their contact information first so you can add them to your subscribe list where you could sell them on more products in the future.

Step 3: Provide a One-Time Offer

Once your prospect has opted-in, you now lead them to a OTO page (One-Time Offer).

This will allow you to showcase some of your other products and will give your prospect the opportunity to see a relevant and irresistible offer that he is most likely to purchase.

​Step 4: Promote on the thank you/confirmation page.

Whether or not your prospect opts-in for your OTO or not, they will be taken to the thank you/order confirmation page.

This is a great opportunity to give them more information about your company and also some other offers they may be interested in.

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Get the template for this tutorial here: eCommerce Funnel

Get a ClickFunnels 14-day FREE trial here.

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