What Successful People Tell Themselves

Just don’t give up.

These are some of the most powerful words you could ever hear in your life.

It’s simple. It’s direct

In the darkest of times, perseverance and integrity will always pull you through. Stronger than any passions you may have to accomplish your goals. The promise to oneself to see something through completion can override any doubts or fears.

My dad always says,”A man is his word. If you say you’re gonna do something, do it.”

In our social-media driven world, we hear people making declarations left and right:

“I’m gonna lose weight.”

“I’m gonna improve my dating life.”

“I’m gonna start a business.”

Actions speak louder than words.

What’s the next step?

“If you’re not growing, then you’re dying” — Tony Robbins

People who are getting ahead in life are constantly looking to get into the next hustle. Complacency is their enemy and they’re always looking to improve themselves by learning new things and acquiring new skills.

“What can I do to move my business forward?”

“How can I make this better?”

“What do I need to read next?”

“Who do I need to talk to?”

It’s always easier to get to the next step by having the end in mind and working your way backwards.

At the end of the day it’s all about being consistent.

Stay focused and just put in the work. Before you know it, you’ll already be there. Most people get intimidated at the amount of work it takes to realize their dreams and goals. It’s all about enjoying the process. It’s about the journey and what it takes to get there because at the end of every journey is always the start of the next one.

I’m Matt Cruz, Copywriter and Entrepreneur at Cruzado Marketing.

Thanks for reading.

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