Today marks the official launch of our new BioEngineering Practice & the addition of Dylan Morris

Dylan Morris, General Partner at CRV

As you know, I recently made the transition to investing 100% in bioengineering. Although my personal health scare was a catalyst for the change, I’m applying the same investment philosophy as I have been for the last 20 years: identifying technologies that enable people to have more power in and control over their lives; PillPack in bringing transparency to pharma, Twitter in giving people’s voices reach, Udacity in creating new models for education.

Today marks the official launch of our new BioEngineering Practice, and the addition of Dylan Morris, where we will now apply this investment philosophy to health and life sciences. Dylan is a former bio founder and investor from Innovation Endeavors. I’m thrilled to be rounding out my deep technical knowledge with Dylan’s deep scientific background and combining our tech and bio founder networks.

With CRV’s locations in both Boston and Palo Alto, we have access to the best computing and biology talent in the country. We see this as the perfect opportunity to consider out-of-the-box ideas that will accelerate innovation. We also bring nearly a decade of success investing in some of the world’s most iconic consumer and enterprise companies, which we can now apply to health and life sciences.

Together, we will be investing in companies at the convergence of computing and biology, with the ultimate goal of curing diseases and saving lives. Recent advancements in AI, machine learning and big data are opening up entirely new ways to improve and redesign biologics; from synthetics to human health, diagnostics and therapeutics to ecological applications. We’re interested in efforts to cure diseases & the application of new technologies to prevent the onset of disease, so that people can live longer, healthier lives.

With no fundamental improvement in the rate of pharmaceutical and medical technology innovation, and historically long-tailed payoffs, new solutions are needed and the landscape is prime for change.

Ultimately, we’re all motivated by the same thing: to address clinical unmet needs. Dylan & I will be looking at the best companies that will improve or fix them. Collaboration is critical to change. We will work and cross-pollinate with healthcare companies and investors alike, as well as regulators, to achieve these goals.

Join me in welcoming Dylan to the CRV family and we look forward to applying our legacy to the next frontier!

-George Zachary