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From the very beginning of the Trump candidacy, CRV has taken our now president literally AND seriously. In August, we published a passionate call-to-action heralding the fundamental importance of immigration to our innovation economy and castigating the future president for his threats of slowing the flow of immigration. Recent events showed that our warning, far from alarmist, has come to fruition. It’s not just the innovation economy that’s facing threats but the very foundational principle of our country. After all, we are all immigrants.

Last summer we created an immigrant program to cover the cost of visas for immigrant founders we back and announced a plan to provide office space and funding for immigrant entrepreneurs. Both are currently in action.

In the wake of the recent executive order by the current administration, we have decided to take the program much further. As of today, we will provide office space and funding to immigrant founders we back that are denied access to the United States. We will provide office space in Canada, where the founders will be safe from these draconian policies.

We are a firm of immigrants, with investors from 7 different countries. For those immigrants denied entry to the U.S., we feel compelled to provide proper resources and support. We lament that this will create jobs and other windfalls outside of the U.S., but the administration gives us no other choice.

The innovation economy needs access to the best talent from all over the world. This president cannot stop this unilaterally. This fight has just begun.

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