Bathroom Prayers

Not what you think…

Image by Heejae Shin

In university it was funny. So many times I’ve knelt down in that common dorm bathroom after a messy night of bar hopping through Olean. It was typical behaviour for most of us during those years, and I can laugh as I reflect on what were some pretty wild days.

Now my bathroom prayers have changed. The tile and porcelain play a much different role in my life. The bathroom has become my refuge. My place of escape to hide my anxiety.

It’s where I go to lay on the floor when my mind can’t stop racing.

It’s where I go to kneel in prayer when my heart feels full.

It’s where I go to clear my head for a few moments when my own ambition get’s to overwhelming.

Much like my university days, my bathroom prayers are for healing. But now instead of me asking for my guts to stop spilling, I ask only for momentary peace of mind.

I ask for quiet.

I ask for strength.

My bathroom prayers are more sporadic these days. The universe has filled me with a calm that has kept me more level and now most of my prayers are done in reverence.

Still, these bathroom prayers are etched in my body, tattooed in my soul, with scars that tear every so often. Bathroom prayers…Amen.

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