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Call For Submissions — Childhood Memories

Never will I ever forget the plastic that covered the couches of my living room. It’s one of my fondest and most frustrating childhood memories, including the summers with no air conditioning. My brothers and I ripped ourselves from those couches like we were glued on. It was spectacular.

Before I left for Canada, I had one of those toy horses that you can ride. I’m pretty sure it had a name (I forget what they’re called), but I have memories of being a three year old shaking back and forth while my parents watched and giggled.

For today’s writing prompt, describe a piece of furniture in your childhood home and what it meant to you then and what it means to you now. If you can’t recall a piece of furniture, describe a room or space inside your home that meant and means something.

Same rules as always:

  • You can submit to this or ANY of our past writing prompts. Just scroll through our previous newsletters. They’ll be marked “Call for Submissions.”
  • If you’re already a writer for CRY, go ahead and submit.
  • Be as creative as you want in your submissions. As long as you stick to the topic, we’ll consider it.
  • Just because you submit doesn’t mean we’ll post. If you haven’t heard back from us in three days, consider that a pass.




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