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Call For Submissions — Forgiving Yourself

When we normally speak of forgiveness, it typically involves someone else. We’ve all been through shit, and if you want to keep anyone in your life, forgiveness is something you’ll need to get accustomed to. As many times as you’ve felt you’ve been wronged in your life, there are likely just as many times that you’ve needed someone to forgive you.

But what about forgiving yourself? I’m someone who is guilty of reflecting on the past and continually blaming myself for what I felt were bad decisions. I’m much better at letting go and being more kind to myself, but it’s also hard to release some of the guilt I feel.

For this week’s writing prompt, tell us about how you handle forgiveness. And we don’t mean forgiving someone else, we mean forgiving yourself. Are you still punishing yourself for past mistakes? Have you let go of whatever hurt you’ve caused and if so, how are you moving on?

Same rules as always:

  • You can submit to this or ANY of our past writing prompts. Just scroll through our previous newsletters. They’ll be marked “Call for Submissions.”
  • If you’re already a writer for CRY, go ahead and submit.
  • Be as creative as you want in your submissions. As long as you stick to the topic, we’ll consider it.
  • Just because you submit doesn’t mean we’ll post. If you haven’t heard back from us in three days, consider that a pass.




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