Finding Your Writing Voice Isn’t Always Easy . . .

How I motivate myself to keep writing even when no-one sees it.

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Let’s face it. Writing sounds easy. I love to write ~and writing is a strength of mine. When I found out about Medium, I dove right in. Figuring this would be a piece of cake!

I could not have been more wrong. Let me explain. In 2008, I started a blog. I wanted a place to showcase different business tips and tricks for the boomer small business entrepreneur. That came easy. Why? I knew who my audience was! Being in the tech industry, I knew that many boomer entrepreneurs were having an issue with converting to digital.

Being totally focused on my audience helped me to stay on track. I can’t remember how I found out about Medium, but I loved the concept, and knew that if I wanted to progress in my writing, I needed to delve into the writing world.

I first joined “The Writing Cooperative”, but I couldn’t get the requirements down. My articles were getting rejected, the reviewers were very helpful and really tried to help me. But it wasn’t them, it was me, my brain cells just couldn’t get it down what exactly they were looking for.

It discouraged me. Not to quit, but to take a step back and re-test. I decided to just take a break, sit back, read more articles, get a feel for the tone of the group. I knew that it was me. I just couldn’t seem to carve out the time, or to take seriously my writing career.

I will be totally honest here, I wrote nothing for a few months. Too much was going on in my personal life, and I decided that the best way to deal with things was to take care of that first. I had my 3rd spinal surgery in February 2020 and then Covid hit. While I was recuperating, our area went on lockdown.

Now, I had no excuse to not pick up the pen and try one more time. This time, I wrote an article for Medium only. It worked! I got a few new followers and a few claps! Yeah! I am on a roll. I absolutely do not have any pre-conceived notions about earning significant sums of money. I am writing because I love writing. I enjoy sharing information, my opinion, or a thought.

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Motivation comes from within. I am a doer. Having a career in the tech industry taught me perseverance. Just because something didn’t work, didn’t mean it was personal. It just meant I had to dig deeper to find the cause. I don’t do things to please others. I do things to please myself. If I am pleased with my work, my masterpiece, others will be too.

CRY put out a request: “How do you deal with not being seen?” Which prompted this article. I had to think about this. On the one hand, my articles were not being accepted, but that didn’t mean it upset me. I knew I had to figure out how to be a writer on this platform. If I feel I do excellent work, I don’t get upset at not being seen. Not having many claps or comments.

Why? I am learning! I am figuring out who I am writing to. I am figuring out what different people like reading. I am learning to change my habits and delve deeper into the writing world.

Some of my best thinking comes in the middle of the night. I will wake up with an idea so fresh in my mind that I know I won’t forget it! Nope, Nada, like really Judy? You guessed it. I cannot recall that great idea when I wake up!

Let me give you some words of wisdom here.

  • First, I have the kind of brain that doesn’t shut down. When I go to bed at night, counting sheep, saying mantra’s nothing seems to help shut it down. Enter an app called “Calm”. I have found that if I listen to a story ~ it will take over. Not only will I relax, but I never hear the end of that story.
  • Each Sunday, I set aside time to look at the week ahead. I make sure to mark the days of the week that I will write an article. It doesn’t work for me to pen each day of the week. I am a freelance contractor and have Quickbooks and WordPress clients. I find putting down the 2 days I will write each week is setting a precedence. I get it done.
  • Every morning, I walk my dog, Sir Riley. I have a few chores to get out of the way, grab the leash and poop bags, grab my cell and off we go. I am simply religious about doing this. Why? Not only does it help me get in shape, but I can’t help but smile and look around at the birds, or peacocks, turkeys, donkeys, goats, sheep and geese. I live in a rural area and it just amazes me at how my mood improves.
  • Put a tablet or pen and paper by your bed. When you wake up in the middle of the night with that great idea, capture it right away!
  • Being organized helps me to stay motivated. Do not set your writing goals too high. Do not take any feedback as negative. Do not worry about how many claps you get, if you get any comments, or if you have earned any money.

Writing comes from the heart. It is a series of thoughts you are working at putting on paper. You are leaving yourself vulnerable by expressing your opinion or viewpoints. Ignore the negativity, have confidence in yourself and your writing. But keep writing! The more you write, the better you get. Listen to quality feedback and put into practice what works for you.

Take part ~ when someone puts out a request for submission, do it! The more you write, the better you get. Not seeing my work getting responses simply fires me up to do better. I ask myself what could I have done better?

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