Gray Ghost


Image by Michal Parzuchowski

For so long, I would sit down on the floor of my bathroom or my bedroom and ask myself: How long are you going to hide? How long are you going to talk about, think about, dream about all of the things that you could be doing, should be doing, are meant to be doing?

EVERY MOMENT MATTERS, Kern. Every single moment. And while you continue to put off your destiny, wait till tomorrow, take more time to “figure things out,” another day passes and with it an opportunity to creep closer to your calling. Another day that your aspirations become as elusive as that Gray Ghost hidden in the mountains.

So I treated every reason to wait as an excuse. I treated every excuse as fear taking control. And I treated fear as the enemy trying every which way to take me down, to attack my spirit, take away my hope.

I am not the Gray Ghost.

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