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Is censorship stifling creativity?

With all the conversation about censorship dominating the political world, we wanted to discuss what censorship means for creatives. As writers and artists, our goal is to express ourselves as honestly as possible. Being censored is like creating within a boundary, and if we didn’t build that boundary ourselves, we’re at the mercy of these walls which are defined by something outside of our own imaginations.

CRY takes on this topic in an article by Kern Carter:

How Censorship Will Hurt Writers and Artists

We also had another incredible week of content. Debdutta wrote about “How to Write When You’re Disconnected From Yourself” and everyone sure is ready to get the new U.S President and Vice President inaugurated.

The year is off to one heck of a start, but if 2020 did anything, it prepared us for chaos. We’ll get through, but what will we look like on the other side?





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