Memories (Part 2)

I had my first (and only) child at 19.

I paid rent for the first time when I was 18.

At 16, I “ran away” to my friend Dale’s house for an entire summer. We played basketball everyday.

My first best friend was Adam Flores. I remember his mom kissing us both goodnight when I slept over at his house for the weekend. His dad would barbecue during the afternoon. He said his burgers were better than McDonald’s. We met when I was 7.

When I was 12, I dated a 14 year old.

I got my license when I was 16. I drove my mom’s car to school sometimes. On lunch breaks, me, my friends JP, Seven, and Trop would drive to Madonna to mess around with the girls. They loved the fact we went to school in Rexdale.

I lost my first real friend at 15. He was stabbed in the staircase of his own apartment building. If I told you about all the other friends I lost in similar fashion, there would be no room for any other memories.

I had my first migraine at 16. I’m hoping last year was my last migraine.

I scored 33 points in my first high school basketball game for Henry Carr. Tiffany gave me a kiss on the cheek. Girls would stay after school just to watch us practice after that. Soon our games needed security guards because the stands were so full that people had to sit and stand near the baseline. Ball was life!

I quit playing football at 14 after I broke my collar bone on the very first play. Basketball was much safer.

This is day two of my random life memories.

Feel free to share your own memories in the replies.

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