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Relationships and Let Downs — What You’ve Missed on CRY

We call this newsletter SCREAM because sometimes you just need to let it out. That’s what writing and creating are all about and at CRY, we encourage you to let loose and share your emotions about the creative process.

This week, we’ve had some gems. Shirley Jones writes about her success journey and how that connects to the relationship she shares with her mother.

In his piece The Relationship Between Music and Writing, A.X. Bates compares one art to the next and shows the power in them both.

Speaking of power, in what is probably the most moving piece on CRY this month, Kandice Confer says, I’m Bisexual and Coming Out Has Made Me Feel Free. The levity in this piece is what stands out, as Kandice makes this moment feel liberating instead of challenging, even though she must’ve gone through a myriad of complex emotions.

What else is happening

There’s a virtual event happening tomorrow (Sunday). It’s called Stories From Love & Literature and two authors will be in conversation about their recent short stories.

RSVP here for free.

The event goes from 3:00 pm — 4:00 pm EST.

Look out for more pieces this week. We have submissions in our inbox that we can’t wait to share.

Till next time.



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