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The Best and Worst of Displacement and The War On Ukraine.

Grandma Naomi Dvorcef -the dolls she made clothes for and sent to orphanages… because she remembered.

At the end of the 19th century and around the bend to the next, Ukraine was unsafe. At that time, it was Jewish people who were the target of pogroms and the Czar. Lives were taken, homes and villages burned, nothing was sacred. In an attempt to survive, many hurried away into the unknown, and away from stability. They fled without most of their belongings. They gave away valuables, walked…




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Lisa Boyl-Davis, LICSW

Lisa Boyl-Davis, LICSW

My name is Lisa. I am a trauma and couples therapist, love to write, sing, hike, pray, bike, and accidently burn food too often.

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