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This is an email from CRY Academy, a newsletter by CRY Magazine.

We’re making some changes

Hello CRY family,

We’re making some changes to this newsletter. First, we want to be clear that this will only impact the newsletter and not CRY Magazine itself. That said, we’re going to be doing things a bit differently.

We have moved the content portion of this newsletter over to Substack. All of you will receive an email from WRITERS ARE SUPERSTARS giving you the opportunity to sign up. That newsletter will not be free. If you choose to sign up and continue receiving content like Why Are So Many Editors Leaving Publishing and Writers vs The Big City, then we’re asking you pay a subscription fee.

We will continue publishing CRY Mag on Medium and use this newsletter to send out Call For Submissions. We value our CRY community way too much so the content on Medium will always be here and always be free. The newsletter on Substack will have content that has a different kind of value which is why we are separating the two.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email. Again, the only thing we’re changing is giving you the choice to either sign up for our paid newsletter on Substack or don’t. If you choose not to, you’ll enjoy posts from our CRY Mag writers. If you choose to sign up for Writers Are Superstars, you’ll receive content that connects publishing to pop culture and shows writers how to create value for their work.

Look out for that email and we hope you give our Substack a chance.




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