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Writing workshop Saturday

Hello friends,

We started our new round of writing workshops last Saturday exclusively for the CRY community. When I say exclusively, I mean we didn’t advertise anywhere else except through our newsletters. This is for CRY only!

Our second workshop is this Saturday from 1:00 pm — 2:00 pm EST. I know I messaged many of you personally, but in case I missed anyone, SIGN UP HERE and I will send you the meeting link.

Calling it a workshop is also a bit misleading. These are conversations led by writers in different fields that have had a level of success. We bring these writers in to lead discussions, but they are not there to lecture.

In our first session, most of the hour was spent with our writers asking questions that they wanted answered and that’s how these sessions are meant to go. It’s all about YOU and what you need to become a better writer or advance your career.

So if you’re interested, here’s the signup page again. You’ll be added to a special newsletter and sent the link Saturday morning.

See you soon!

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