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The most beautiful part about being part of the CRY community is that you’re never alone. We’re building platforms where your thoughts, your emotions, and your stories are heard. CRY Magazine is one of those spaces where we hope you feel seen. These stories are the epitome of vulnerability.

Most recently, we’ve put out the WRITE TO BE HEARD course for emerging writers.

One of the benefits of this course is that we do regular accountability check-ins with everyone who makes a purchase. This is how we at CRY make sure that you’re not alone in this. In these accountability check-ins, you get to:

  • Ask questions about the course
  • Ask questions about your own journey as a writer
  • And ask questions about any challenges you’re facing in reaching your goals

The second benefit of the WRITE TO BE HEARD course is no more guessing. The bonuses for WRITE TO BE HEARD include the resources I utilized to get noticed, get responses, and get signed. Those resources are:

  • The proposal that I used to secure my publishing deals (including a “why me” section that both big publishers referenced when signing me to my deal)
  • The query letter I used to pitch agents

That’s the course, and obviously you know about CRY Magazine, but there are other ways we support emerging writers at CRY.

With our WRITERS ARE SUPERSTARS newsletter, we connect publishing to pop culture and share content that helps writers understand their true value to the broader culture. The majority of the content on this platform is free. Access to information that can help you learn and grow as a writer is always top priority for us. Writers Are Superstars offers a unique look at the publishing industry and we keep it accessible so you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to feel like a superstar.

There is a paid version for WRITERS ARE SUPERSTARS. That’s because in order for us to grow as a community, we need to sustain. When you choose to contribute with your dollars, you’re investing in a community that will give back to you ten times over.

If you’ve been to one of our workshops, you’ll know what I’m talking about. All our workshops are free and they will always be free. We learn a lot when we gather and I, or whoever hosts our workshops, will continue to share information freely.

We’re here for you. Wherever you are in the CRY journey, know that you are never alone. Whether you want to read our magazine or newsletter or purchase our course, know that you’re always part of a community that truly does care and is greater than any of us can be individually.




Kern Carter
CRY Magazine

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