Presentation of CryoGen Project at the cryonics conference in Madrid

Active cryonics advocate and our friend Max Olivier presented the CryoGen project at the conference called «CRIOPRESERVACIÓN HUMANA — AMBULANCIA AL FUTURO» which took place on 14–15 October in Madrid. It was due to the occasion of annual General assembly Sociedad Criónica de España and was held by Cryonic Society — the first cryonics organization in Spain.

It is a major event, which unites all of the cryonics supporters in Europe. Such international conference is really an essential occasion, which indeed happens not so often. Events devoted to cryonics are small, mostly local. That’s why it is really important for us that the CryoGen project led by “KrioRus” company was presented to the highly reputed society.

We learned about the conference in an unexpected way, thanks to Max Olivier. He is experienced in ICO and investments. He contacted us and offered his help in organizing and presenting the CryoGen project at the conference.

We contacted the conference organizers and got the approval of Max Olivier’s presentation. Max is quite familiar with our projects and he is fond of it. That’s why he presented the project with great enthusiasm to the cryonic society and showed the great opportunities that ICO presents to developing cryonics worldwide.

We give our special thanks to Andres Graaces and Alberto Sarmentero who helped organizing Max’s presentation about CryoGen. Since the presentation wasn’t planned beforehand, it appeared to be not so fullscale. We suggest everyone interested in investing to reach the KrioRus company which leads the ICO CryoGen and ask your questions. More detailed information is at the official site

There were famous scientists, politicians, and economists present at the Cryonic Society conference.

The following speakers made their presentations:

  • Cayetano Santana, the business consultant presented “Cryonics: Strategies for longer and better lives”.
  • Ramón Risco. Applied Physics Professor of Seville University. : «CRIOPRESERVACIÓN»
  • Joan Carrera Rotllan. A gynecologist who presented “Future and evolution for the embryonic cryopreservation.”
  • Luis Estrada, the neurophysiologist spoke about “Early stages in the Cryopreservation process and Human Bioanalysis”.
  • Luís González Lorenzo, the Innovative Technology Director in «Gaia Program» dwelt on a theme “Current technologies for future problems”.
  • José Luís Cordeiro, the HumanityPlus Director spoke about “Cryopreservation around the world”: the past to the future”.
  • Iván Casal with the presentation “Social, ethical and economic aspects of the cryopreservation”.
  • Vitto Claut, lawyer specialist in international criminal law presented “Legal situation of the Cryonics in Italy”.

Max Olivier shares his impressions: “The presentation went very well and the Spanish society knows about ICO CryoGen! I spoke about the project and its perspective opportunities. It sparked the great interest, and there were a lot of questions about joining the project. Many people asked for additional information and I advised them to reach the KrioRus company directly.

There were four persons interested in the cryonic preservation of their families, and one of them would also like to preserve the cat. I told them about my father, who is preserved in KrioRus company, about how the transportation and preservation are done”.