Webhook notification for Crypto currencies

Cau Ta
Cau Ta
Aug 4 · 3 min read
Monitor the Whole world of Crypto Currencies


As we have seen the rise of bitcoin and blockchain in recent years. Crypto Currencies has helped us transfer all over the world with no boundaries. Many services and decentralized applications were produced.

Starting an application on the blockchain, you cannot get rid of recording and tracking transactions.

As you know, transactions are processed by a network of users acting as a consensus mechanism so that everyone is creating the same shared system of record simultaneously. Tracking or recording transactions in the blockchain network are harder than we thought.

Barriers and difficulties?

So now, let’s talk about the barrier of tracking transaction on crypto network.

Spend the whole life to build and sync node: that’s real story about blockchain server. It could take weeks even months to build your own full node. Having to be patient whilst waiting for it to process without knowing when it’s done is a frustrating feeling to have. Ethereum and Bitcoin are reaching more data every day. On the other hand, keeping things stable with a network is not easy, you must balance blockchain config and hardware, and how much does it take? Maybe a lot. There is a lot of services to supply nodes as a service like Quiknode, Infura, etc. But, maybe node providers do not supply all the API you need and their services cost too much.

Take time to research about API, transaction: When its the first time you start an application on the blockchain, there are many things in a transaction that you don’t know when getting a transaction from the network by API. It’s not that simple, there are many kinds of transactions that you can see, for example, with Ethereum, if you don’t know what an internal transaction is? how to get it, and how to control it. You might need to simplize an Ethereum transaction.

Low performance: Recording transactions for every address by scanning is deficient. You will want a service that sends you notifications with every transaction that occurs in that address. You just need to open a webhook API to receive it.

These barriers limit your vision and business. It is quite expensive and also takes up too much of your time.

What do we do?

We created a solution for developer and trader to record all the transaction in blockchain network without building anything. Just focus on your business.

All you need to do is give us the address you want to receive data for every transaction. We will send you a signal every transaction via your registered webhook.

We both supported Web UI and API for developer to integrate to their system.

Ethereum webhook management
receive data for every transaction

We already simplize and unify the transaction. You can easily understand and use on demand your system.

What is your benefit?

  • Save 80% cost and time for your business, no need to build blockchain, no need to manage. Getting transaction without scanning every address.
  • Easily monitor via Webhook notification. Massive scaling with millions address in real-time network.
  • Easily use on both Web UI and API. Supported multi-cryptos and all ERC-20 tokens.
  • Increase performance for your system.
  • Pay on demand by cryptos.


Crypitor was born to help start up and trader easily approach blockchain and crypto currencies. We solved many barriers for you to get in touch. We created a tunnel help you walk though blockchain to build the new world class of financial.

From Crypitor with love!

Crypitor Service.

Monitoring the Crypto world!

Cau Ta

Written by

Cau Ta

Blockchain expert, Cryptos Researcher, Software Engineering. Founder Crypitor Service.

Crypitor Service.

Monitoring the Crypto world!

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