Crypto Thoughs — My New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year to all, I am happy to start my first post of the year with the New Year resolutions that I would like to achieve in 2018. And much of them are without doubt are driven from my love for Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and the community from whom I have learnt a lot and also got a opportunity to share my ideas with. So without much delay here are my New Year Resolutions.

  • Buy Bitcoin
  • Write and Evangelize more about Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & ICOs
  • Work full time in Cryptocurrency space as my primary profession
  • Find and implement at least 1–2 Use Cases of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain this year
  • Become more stronger in my understanding of the underlying technology of Blockchain, Cryptography and Cryptocurrency
  • And continue to build more stronger community help more people and spread the good word of Crypto and Bitcoin to more people
  • And finally launch my Youtube channel

So What Is Your New Year Resolution, I will love to hear that…..