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Fundraiser opening date 20 July 2017

Fundraiser closing date 4 Aug 2017

Platform for Fundraiser Waves

My View

Sentimetal analysis is an active area of research but the integration of it with Blockchain is unique. s3ntigrapH uses a unique graph algorithm to drive a sentimental score and allows to store the sentiment score of not only of the user but his neighbors on Blockchain. It opens up new possibilities not only for Graph analytics on a distributed platform as a whole but also integrating with IBM Watson & Ethereum platform provides a very interesting technology opportunity for DApps in future.

Value Proposition for Investors

Through this fundraiser, you are not only investing into a great idea where AI meets Blockchain but there is a promise of probable dividend. This is for those investors value intuitive idea and vision over short term returns.


s3ntigrapH (pronounced sentigraph) is a concise, carefully implemented distributed application using Ethereum Blockchain that will keep track of your sentiments as well as that of your “neighbors” in the Blockchain network. s3ntigraph will keep the cumulative sentiments of all neighbors and will chart them.


I JULY 20 — AUG 04

Graph, a Waves-based token, is the official token of s3ntigrapH.

Currently capped at 5,000,000 (may change/re-issued)

1 Graph = 1 Waves — Contribute from a Waves paper wallet only, no exchanges
Minimum contribution: 0.2 Waves

1 BTC gets you 600 Graph — Contribute from a Bitcoin Paper Wallet only, no exchanges & please mention waves wallet details in note
Minimum contribution is 0.0004 BTC

1 ETH gets you 60 Graph — Contribute from an Ethereum Paper Wallet only (eg. MyEtherWallet), no exchanges.
Minimum contribution is 0.005 ETH

​Token distribution to Waves wallet — 2–4 weeks post fundraiser

Details of the fundraiser can be found at sentigraph.io/fundraiser



The Incentives

Graph will be listed on Waves DEX and will be tradable and quarterly dividends may be issued to current Graph holders via a proof-of-participation.

Dividends Per Token (DPT) for the quarter will be determined based on retained earnings and will be between 0 and the Earnings per Token (EPT). There is no voting rights, the dividends issued & earnings will be in Waves. Also,

Questions & Answer with Sentigraph Team (very useful)

  • Is there any vesting period for a part of the capital raised to make sure that the development team is committed to the project?

A:We are not vesting anything, money generated will be used to cover operational costs (team — developers, admin, advertising, bounty hunters, bloggers etc.)

  • What is your long-term road-map for the future?

A: It is quite apparent that the opportunities this solution would expose are bountiful. In politics, debates, promises and legislative actions can be gauged by the resultant cumulative sentigraph index of the citizens. In medicine and psychiatry, for instance, medical diagnosis and patient care can be tested for their expediency by the resultant cumulative sentigraph index of the patients.

We have also considered a situation where a twitter can tweet @ s3graph to 
immediately watch his sentiment trend, and categorize that trend by other twitters’ responses to a given topic or news.

We have considered merging sentiments from different platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. So a user can continue analyzing his cumulative sentigraph index regardless of what platform he/she did engage with.

What about wearables? Yes, we anticipate other modes of capturing user 
“utterances” including signals and waves. Sports, criminology, psychology, TSA/border security and so on, are areas we can extend to. Again, the opportunities abound and may not be completely exhausted.

  • You have mentioned DApp system so what will be the mode, will it be a web App or a Mobile App?

A:It will be a Web App and a mobile app that will connect to the web server. The webserver will be the go between user and the Blockchain

  • Is there a foundation or registered company for the project or is this a open source project?

A:It is currently a community project with an aim to getting incorporated soon. The github is available to anyone as will the blockchain, some of the more detailed and valuable data such as geo-location etc, will be saved in our database, and can be used to provide further analytics down the road. That data will improve our value.

  • People from which geographies can participate in the ICO if you have any specific limitations, if so please elaborate

A:Non US citizens and Residents, can contribute to the ICO as long as their countries permit them.

  • What are the challenges you are facing and experiences you are having as part of this project.

A:The challenge is that we want to put as much information on the blockchain as possible, but we are limited by how much information it can reliably store and allow us to retrieve without the costs becoming a burden on us or the user. Some other risks we face is Watson API and Ethereum gas costs.

  • When was the idea for sentigraph project came and what motivated you to embark on this project & the ICO

A:While I was at an Macroeconomics class at Imperial College Business School, London, the professor expressed concerns of Gross Domestic Product as not being efficient enough to gauge happiness. The Gross National Happiness attempts to do this, but does not offer granularity. I started thinking of how to resolve this using the benefits of cognitive and the blockchain.



Gross Domestic Product, GDP, as a method for grading a country’s economic performance, completely fails to address the underlying issue of individual happiness and overall well-being of the society. Gross National Happiness, GNH as agreed by many socio-economists as a better “tool” for measuring the overall well-being of humans. And happiness is gravely affected by external inputs and impulses.
Thus there is need of a way to dynamically track the overall happiness or sentiments of any participant. This data will help any organization or individual to understand how their daily decisions directly affect the lives of others.


s3ntigrapH (pronounced sentigraph) have devising an algorithm to categorize various tones from a given textual input, persisting the computed data in into the Ethereum blockchain), and rendering the overall trend to the user for tracking/monitoring sentiment score in real-time, and to help map those periods to actual events that triggered corresponding results.


Key Components

The key components & flow of s3ntigrapH are:

  • Ethereum Smart Contract as interface between user client inputs and the blockchain.
  • A Node JS application for the user’s interaction and to view the sentiment score chart
  • IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer API will return a 5-vector sentiment coordinate for user inputs.
  • Mongo DB will store Watson’s JSON feedback, perform off-chain calculations
  • The Ethereum Smart Contract finally persist our sentigraph index(si) to the Blockchain. A “si” coordinate is a value representation of an arbitrary user’s coordinates, computed based on an algorithm.
  • User Interface: The user can see the overall trend as a chart plots si against time, t.


It is an off-chain algorithm is applied to 5-vector response which computes the user’s cumulative s-quotient value. All subsequent string submissions will get a new running cumulative s-quotient that represents the user’s current emotion.

Key Applications

Sentiment Engineering helps expose various proven ways of analyzing sentiments, and offers the opportunity to be applied to numerous industries and sectors such as sociology, culture, stock trading, betting, criminology, game theory, medicine and surgery, predictive analysis, psycho analysis, Education/IQ, and a lot more.

Current State

As at today, (partial) code is publicly accessible and hosted on GitHub and can be explored to get an idea of the concept.


Q3 2017 — Algorithm Development, Android &IOS App development
Q1 2018 — Integration with social platforms like twitter & Facebook & expand team
Q2 2018 — Extensive Outreach & Key Industry Partnership e.g with IBM, Amazon & Google (Probable)


Tochi Eke Okoro, Co-founder & Pioneer
Tochi has been a full-stack developer for over a decade and is currently an MBA Candidate at the Imperial College London.

Dimitry Kotlyarevsky, Co-founder & Developer
Dmitri is an experienced seasoned full-stack developer. He manages the s3ntigrapH Smart Contract. He had developed numerous applications involving super-high customer engagement e.g. coding Sapplets (Social Applets).

Both are good friends and colleagues from their earlier job.


I met Tochi through one of the crypto chat rooms and was immediately impressed with the idea of sentigraph. Knowing about how we feel and measuring that it via a chart and exploring the cumulative sentiment of your neighborhood has immense applications in medicine, psychiatry, social media, criminology and much more. And with the use of Blockchain to store this value offers a new opportunity to involve transparency and community participation in the process which is not offered in other technologies like Data Warehouse or Big Data.

But one of the biggest challenges as highlighted by Tochi in the Q&A is the scalability of Blockchain to keep the Graph network of sentiment scores, this will become more challenging once the graph becomes more dense of number of nodes increase. But one solution can be to consider platforms like IPFS or BigchainDB.

With all these considerations I feel the sentimental score algorithm as presented in the sentigraph white paper is a very innovative idea and with a working POC and a intuitive smart contract they have a very strong value proposition. With this I would wish them good luck in their fundraiser.


Disclaimer: This is not investment or trading advice, always do your own independent research.

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