IDall Weekly Report #1 20-26 April

IDall first edition of Weekend Update.

Apr 27, 2020 · 4 min read

It's been another busy week in the crypto world, while the whole world is grappling with new doings due to the pandemic and lockdown, we are still working, and the IDall team has no exception.

So before we start our new week, let us share this brief summary of IDall's recent activity.

Welcome to #IDall first edition of Weekend Update.

Overall Update

Hotbit will hold an AMA on it’s official Telegram at 16:00 (UTC+8) on Apr. 28th with the IDall CEO, Lim Yonghoon

"Earn more, IDall is your friend" IDall tokens will be open for staking on Hotbit Exchange right after it was listed. It means you can earn while holding your Tokens on the exchange with 54.75% ( or 0.15% per day) annual rate.

This will be the first step in exploring increased adaptability of our PASSCON Technology, this adaption allows us to be widely available in the world from which many people will be freed from the pain of passwords.

A partnership between IDall and Coinkeeper, a global cryptocurrency exchange with over 100 products scheduled to be launched on its platform, and which is a right project that could help drive adoption of the IDall PASSCON technology.

Before the week's end IDall has announced partnership with the Bitribe Exchange.

IDall is currently working on a listing with the Korean Exchange, No date for this has been set, but a mutual benefit has been granted.

Aside from listing, the two have agreed to cross promotions and focus on mutual growth.

Bitribe is a reliable and fast Cryptocurrency exchange, which provides a number of additional services such as digital asset insurance, the possibility of cross-posting in social networks and a system of decentralized finance. The exchange supports English and Korean languages with over millions of users worldwide! For the IDALL, this is another huge step towards global development, increasing liquidity and acquiring more users.

Fiducia node acts as a proxy server at its core. The Fiducia node software takes user requests, retrieves data off the blockchain, and generates an intermediate response.

IDall and Fiducia Network partnership covers a cross promotion whereas each other's products will be used by themselves in the future.

Product Update

50k plus app downloads, with 289 reviews.

Community Update

Total users in IDall English community - 13, 185

IDall has also expanded in many countries including Indonesia with over 11kmembers, Vietnam Philippines, Bangladesh, Africa, India, Russia, Japan and China.

Recently, IDall has been rank as #3 most active Telegram Community in Philippines with Binance Philippines as #1 and MXC Philippines at the #2.

Join the quiz and win - Everyone can Join the quiz where 5 people will win 50 IDall tokens each.

A Gif/ Meme contest has also been held on the Group where the community created a creative gif/ meme of IDall and shared it on the Group. All the participants will receive 100 IDall as a thank you gift for participating while The voting for the best one is still ongoing. You can still Vote here.

IDall in Twitter - Follow and participate in the IDall's giveaways activity on Twitter.

The team, especially the CEO, is working hard as fast as we can to deliver the best service that you deserve. Just Shout #I_have_IDall_want_more and we will deliver them to you.

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