IDall White Paper Chapter IV

Feb 13, 2020 · 7 min read

Decentralized Passwordless one ID Crypto Ecosystem

White Paper, November 20, 2019, Written by GCOD Innovation, Inc.

IV. IDall Services

The One ID Secure Crypto Ecosystem allows you to easily log in anywhere with one-ID, pay with crypto assets with the easy and secure wallet, and enjoy enough rewards.

The easy login service and the easy wallet make it easier, faster and safer to log in, shop and pay for crypto assets.

Everyone wants to be able to access all services simply and securely with just one decentralized ID. And if you can make payments using crypto assets, the world will not only be more convenient, but you will also save significantly on costs.

In the IDall platform, one-ID easy login service can be used by separating the list into general portal sites, coin exchanges, and stores.

The list of coin exchanges will be useful for investors who use multiple exchanges. The MyMarket category is a collection of stores that will connect consumers and stores more closely.

IDall Ecosystem

Our easy wallet service is the world’s simplest and most secure cryptocurrency wallet service, a breakthrough in blockchain services that requires no password and no need to manage mnemonic.

- Ideal for use with one app and one ID.

- Anyone can easily pay with crypto assets.

- A true real-life crypto ecosystem.

IV.1 one-ID Easy Login Service

Easy login service consists of password management service, social login service and decentralized ID service.

Password Management: A service that securely manages IDs and passwords that are difficult to remember.
Social Login: A service that shares IDall’s ID with other services.
Distributed ID: A decentralized ID service that allows users to exercise their sovereignty over their information.

Differentiated advantages of IDall password manager

Password Encryption with PASSCON

Lowest fees: The IDall app is far less expensive than competing services. We plan to set a normal app fee as the average price of competing services. And paying the app fee with tokens will give you a payback benefit of 50% or more. You can also use tokens received by airdrop during the event promotion period and use them completely free of charge.

Price Strategy of IDall

Quick Registration and One-Touch Login: Since the addresses of global popular sites are pre-registered, you only need to select from the list and enter your ID and Password once. Touch an item in the list to sign in automatically.


Special services for crypto asset investors: Many investors use multiple coin exchanges. So we provide separate list service to manage ID and Password of exchanges more easily and safely.

IDall one touch auto login

Easily use difficult passwords: Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to use strong passwords, but the problem is that they’re too long and hard to remember. Fortunately, the password manager feature makes this problem easier. First create a high-security password with the password generator, then change the password for the site you use. And when you register a new password in the IDall app, there is no worry about losing it, no need to memorize, and you can easily use it without having to enter it when logging in.

IV.2 Easy Wallet Service

Safe and easy wallet removes barriers to entry in blockchain and crypto asset ecosystems.

We pondered what cryptocurrency projects needed most for success. And we concluded that a simple and secure wallet is a top priority. This is because the ecosystem can be created and grown only if everyone who is not an investor can use it without any difficulty.

The problem with existing cryptocurrency wallets is that using a password is very inconvenient and high hacking risk. And keeping the mnemonics safe separately is very anxious and annoying.

Private Key Encryption of Wallet with PASSCON

The IDall platform uses PASSCON technology to generate complete AES256 encryption keys with natural random numbers and PASSCON authentication keys. This makes it much safer and more convenient than traditional passwords. If only the PASSCON authentication key is available, anyone can easily send or receive crypto assets.

Differentiated benefits of IDall Easy Wallet

- Eliminate the inconvenience of passwords and mnemonics with PASSCON technology.

- Protect private keys with PASSCON’s strong encryption technology, not passwords.

- Provides backup and recovery services for private keys for recovery at any time.

- A backed up private key cannot be opened by anyone other than yourself.

IV.3 Crypto Fintech Service

Shopping and paying with crypto assets are dramatically easier.

Fintech services using crypto assets are known as a breakthrough way to spread electronic banking services around the world. In practice, however, it is not easy to find a store that can use crypto assets. What’s more, you might need different wallets to pay with crypto assets.

To overcome these problems, you need an environment where consumers and stores are always connected. In addition, it should be easy to distinguish among the stores where payments can be made with crypto assets. In addition, the store’s promotional marketing activities must be well communicated without denying consumers’ personal tastes.

MyMarket Personalized Advertising Service

Crypto Fintech Ecosystem of IDall

- Access the mall easily at any time.

- Stores can promote precise target promotions.

- Consumers subscribe to personalized promotions based on their needs and tastes.

- Provides strong sales opportunities for offline local stores.

Spread Payments with Crypto Assets

Consumer benefit

- Provide part of the purchase amount to the buyer as payback reward.

- Reward users with a portion of advertising service revenue.

Store benefit

- Additional revenue opportunities increase.

- There are no payment fees, which reduces the cost of the store.

- No sales commission, which reduces the cost of the store.

- Stores can advertise additional promotions at reduced costs.

- Reduced costs can provide additional benefits to consumers.

Fintech service for unbanked people

Billions of people worldwide don’t have bank accounts. But anyone can easily create a crypto asset wallet. It’s also easy to send or receive anywhere in the world. IDall’s simple wallets will set limits to create safeguards for crypto assets and make them available to thousands of unbanked people.

- Anyone can use e-commerce as a crypto asset without a bank account.

- With the help of a family, anyone can easily put a token in their wallet.

- We will increase the safety of our transactions by imposing certain limits.

As such, on the IDall platform, consumers and stores can benefit substantially. It’s also easy for people who don’t have a bank account. There are enough benefits to encourage voluntary participation of consumers and stores. It is a platform that can naturally increase e-commerce using crypto assets as a payment method. IDall is therefore a truly global fintech service where crypto assets are used in a wide range of real-world applications.

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