IDall White Paper Chapter V~VII

Feb 13, 2020 · 4 min read

Decentralized Passwordless one ID Crypto Ecosystem

White Paper, November 20, 2019, Written by GCOD Innovation, Inc.

I. Token Economy Ecosystem

It is the most reasonable token economy model in which token demand for actual use is reflected in the token’s real price.

In the IDall platform, multiple services cycle through tokens. We are confident that the best way to bring the platform’s core values of safety and simplicity to as many people as possible is to apply token economy.

This is because tokens are the best means of disseminating services across national and economic boundaries. In addition, the platform will provide enough rewards to the participants transparently to promote the expansion of the ecosystem.

IDall Token Economy

Engagement Reward: Pay for the app with Airdrop Tokens

Payback Rewards: Payback rewards for half of 1% exchange fee

Ad Rewards: Offer a portion of advertising revenue

Consumers can buy tokens directly on the platform at any time. As the demand for tokens increases, platform operators buy and supply insufficient tokens on the coin exchange. Therefore, as the actual use of tokens increases, the platform will need to increase the amount of tokens held and buy the necessary amount from the exchange. Therefore, it is the most reasonable token economy ecosystem in which the demand for the actual use of the tokens is linked to the price of the tokens.

II. Market Analysis

The market for simple login services and multi-factor authentication are expanding at the same time.

Easy login market

Easy login service is spreading to an app service called password manager. Users are demanding longer and more complex passwords and changing them more often. Therefore, you can only get help from application services. Global competitors charge between $ 12 and $ 59 per year for app usage. Estimating the market size based on app download performance of major services amounts to about $ 0.2 billion a year.

The key market opportunities for us are that the cost of competing services is so high that it is difficult to spread further into the global market, and security weaknesses are apparent because passwords are applied to master accounts.

Source: PCMAG

Multi factor authentication market

According to the research organization “MARKETSandMARKETS”, the global multi-factor authentication market is worth $12.5 billion. This is also an expanding market because passwords cannot keep you safe. Applying PASSCON removes passwords and provides multi-factor authentication at the same time, creating enormous market opportunities.


III. Marketing Strategy

List tokens on multiple exchanges and promote the IDall app to exchange customers to mass-promote users and maximize synergy with the B2B market.

It is our desire that PASSCON technology be widely available in the world and that many people will be freed from the pain of passwords. However, selling a solution to many web or app service providers, one by one, doesn’t make it fast. Therefore, it is important for us to run the IDall Token Economy project.

Large financial institutions prefer solutions that are well validated and have many application cases. As the IDall ecosystem spreads, a high level of trust in PASSCON technology will accumulate. As a result, PASSCON’s B2B sales will also increase. In addition, as individual companies increase their adoption of PASSCON, individual users will have more confidence in the PASSCON technology and the IDall platform. Therefore, B2B sales and expansion of the IDall ecosystem are highly synergistic.

Market Synergy IDall and PASSCON
Increase IDall app download and Exchange list

We plan to first invest the most resources in marketing to expand the IDall ecosystem. We will provide an airdrop of tokens, which account for about 25% of the total amount issued, to facilitate app downloads. We anticipate that airdrop promotions through the coin exchange will be very successful. Because most coin exchanges use passwords, investors will have a lot of inconvenience in managing their passwords.

Facilitating app downloads with token airdrops is also a very important way to experience the wallet service features of the IDall app. Crypto-asset investors are aware of the inconvenience of traditional wallets and will quickly see the benefits of IDall Simple Wallet. This will greatly contribute to the activation of payment services that the platform intends to provide in the future.

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