Quick Introduction to Cryptalert

Hey! Welcome to Cryptalert, it’s great to have you :)

We know that first impressions are important, so we’ve created a new blog post that will help you get familiar with everything in no time!

The problem & our mission :

The crypto market is very volatile, it is difficult to well track positions without it becoming time-consuming.

Our mission is to help crypto traders by implementing simple tools to make their life easier.

There are a few things that you should know up-front :

  • Cryptalert is designed for cryptocurrency traders to help them to follow their investments and detect variations without staying full time in front of a screen.
  • We want to fit within the spirit of the crypto world, the entire platform can be used for free.
  • Cryptalert is evolving with you. New features are developed according to the needs of our community. So if you have any idea or feedback, feel free to contact us at : contact@cryptalert.com

What can I do with Cryptalert ?

On Cryptalert (as the name suggests) you can create different types of alerts.

Cryptocurrency alert :

You want to sell when Ethereum goes over $1000 ? Stop refreshing every 10 minutes the chart and come create an alert in 5 seconds. You can also create alerts on a price variation like “Alert me when the price of Ethereum increases by more than 3% on a period of 4 hours on Binance”.

Global market alert :

If you are a crypto trader, you know that the Bitcoin Dominance and the Global Market Capitalization are important factors. Create alerts on these to not miss big variations of the market.

Event alert :

News have big impacts on the price in crypto. Subscribe to your favorite coins to not miss a news that could impact their price.

How alerts are sent ?

We do not want to be intrusive, every alert you receive must be intended and useful.

You can receive your alerts at 4 different places :

  • by email
  • by push notification on the mobile app
  • on your browser with our browser extensions
  • by SMS
Example of an Ethereum alert received by email

Each alert is configurable, you can choose to receive an alert by email and another by push notification and sms.

See you soon on Cryptalert!

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