Key points from Livestream with Austin Kimm and Rafael Carrascosa

Oct 18, 2018 · 5 min read

Giving you an opportunity to learn Crypterium news first-hand, we’ve held our latest Livestream on October 17th to introduce you a new key team member and unveil our plans for the last two months of 2018. If you missed the Livestream, feel free to replay it — it was very informative. If you prefer reading the news, here’s the short summary we’ve prepared.

Rafael Carrascosa to take Crypterium partnerships to a new level

One of the nice surprises we’ve prepared for you was the introduction of a new key team member — VP of Global Partnerships, Rafael Carrascosa.

With more than 25 years of experience in payments, card issuing, merchant acquiring, retail banking and business consulting and having started and developed 4 business in the payment and services industry, Rafael joins Crypterium with the role of developing key partnerships other than payment providers that can use the solutions once developed. Examples include e-commerce, exchanges, large retail networks, coins and tokens that have large user bases etc.

“I’m happy to join the team, and my responsibility is to reach out to companies globally that will enhance the experience of crypto holders. We’re going to be focusing on areas that are close to the community today — it could be e-commerce, gaming, technology etc.” — Rafael explains.

Bank transfers to be released any minute (and there’s another pleasant surprise for the first users)

During the Finovate demonstration, Crypterium CEO Marc O’Brian and COO Austin Kimm displayed app’s latest and long-awaited feature — crypto transfers to bank accounts. This will allow you to make payments to bank accounts or themselves, pay their taxes or their bills, just as they could with a traditional money!

Austin was happy to announce that the bank transfers are being released any minute now. As a thank you for using out Crypterium App new feature, Crypterium is giving the first 20 users, spending at least 100€ on a bank transfer, 10€ worth of CRPT. Just our way for saying “thanks” for being an active user.

Announcing Crypterium Innovations

For months already, Crypterium has been working on four new products that would ideally fit in the world’s first cryptobank ecosystem. We even have a separate division for that called Crypterium Innovation. The team is currently working on several products, and Austin has unveiled some of them. They won’t immediately go inside Crypterium App — we’ll first run them in parallel and properly test — but eventually, they’ll be merged together.

Firstly, we’re at the last stages of building our own exchange — the first hybrid exchange combining advantages of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. We can’t say more at this point, but we’re sure you will live it. Crypterium is also few steps away from launching its first lending solution, so stay tuned for updates.

NFC solution

“The technology is built. What is taking us time is still the final approval process with the final card issuer,” — Austin mentioned, — “All of them — Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay — are open for partnerships, yet all of them are a little bit slow.”

Most probably, Crypterium will first launch with Visa/MasterCard solution — a simplified version should be up and running within a two-month window. The global solution that we’re focusing on is with Union Pay that actually has more global outlets than Visa and MasterCard put together.

“What I really like about Union Pay is that they have spent a huge amount of time and energy to ensure global coverage. There’re now in 60% of ATM around the world, and our Union Pay solution can be global instantaneously, unlike Visa and MasterCard that are very regional specific” — Austin explained.

Still ahead of competitors

When asked about how Crypterium feels about their competition, Austin believes that the future of crypto payments lies within the adoption of several different payment solutions.

Crypterium doesn’t really see anyone as competition, but the services we provide are either on par or more advanced than any other option out there and our innovation team is hard at task to pave the way for the crypto world.

Brand new website to showcase our products better

Along with announcing the launch of Crypterium’s exciting new website, Austin and Rafael were quick to point out that new features will be added to the site, as the project progresses, as well as a redesign for the application, itself.

Price prediction contest winners

You’ve been anxious to learn who’s the lucky winner of $100,000 CRPT Price Prediction contest? The official announcement is coming, but here’s some news.

Although no one guessed the exact price, there were a handful of lucky individuals who guessed close enough.

“That’s a very sad thing because somebody won $100,000 predicting that our token price would be significantly lower than we thought it was going to be now. Of course, most people thought the token price was going to be higher: at the time we launched that competition, everything was coming up, the world was very positive for crypto, and everybody just assumed crypto is going to carry on going through the roof. Today the crypto market is worth a quarter of what it was back then, and there were some pessimistic people out there who turned out to be the correct,” — Austin commented.

All in all, it’s an exciting time for both Crypterium and our token holders, with more exciting news to follow, so stay tuned!

About Crypterium

CCrypterium is building a mobile app that will turn cryptocurrencies into money that you can spend with the same ease as cash. Shop around the world and pay with your coins and tokens at any NFC terminal, or via scanning the QR codes. Make purchases in online stores, pay your bills, or just send money across borders in seconds, reliably and for a fraction of a penny.

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