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Two Easy Steps to Prepare for TCAP on Testnet

Hello there!

Thank you for joining us to bring the World’s First Total Crypto Market Cap Token to life! Testnet is almost ready to be released, we can’t wait for you to try it out!

To prepare for testnet, all you need to do is get familiar with the Rinkeby testnet on a Portis or MetaMask wallet and acquire test eth from the MyCrypto faucet or from Rinkeby faucet (Preferred faucet)

How To Get On Rinkeby Testnet

***PLEASE BE AWARE to connect to TCAP testnet, you MUST switch to the Rinkeby network, DO NOT connect to TCAP testnet from Mainnet.***

To get on Rinkeby testnet on MetaMask, click the dropdown arrow next to Ethereum Mainnet and select Rinkeby Test Network. DO NOT connect to TCAP testnet from Ethereum Mainnet.

To get on Rinkeby testnet on Portis, click on Menu on the bottom right of the app.

Scroll down to Show Test Networks and slide the button ON.

Then ONLY use the wallet address from Ethereum (rinkeby)

How To Acquire Test ETH From The Rinkeby Faucet

***DO NOT use any real crypto during testing***

Go to and read the How does this work section. The preferred method is to request test eth via Twitter.

First, go to your Twitter account and post a tweet with your wallet address (It can just be the wallet address itself or you can add some text like “Testing out minting TCAP and earning CTX rewards 0x5279f815b5d21b8e2654ff6ba776d32ad7f5e273”

Then, copy the link to your tweet and post it in the “Social network URL containing your Ethereum Address section of the Rinkeby faucet

Then click on the Give me Ether button and select the amount of test eth you want to receive (we suggest you select the 18.75/3 days option)

Give it a few seconds to confirm you’ve been funded and then you’ll see the test eth show up on the Rinkeby testnet in your wallet!

How To Acquire Test ETH From The MyCryptoFaucet

***DO NOT use any real crypto during testing***

Go to and you will be asked to connect your wallet.

Once your wallet is connected, go back to URL, select your wallet you connected in the Recipient dropdown.

and click Request Assets

Fill out the Captcha (It is case sensitive)

After you enter the Captcha just wait for the status of the transaction to be a SUCCESS and you will see 1 test eth in your wallet.

This faucet gives out 1 test eth at a time however, users can acquire more test eth if they desire by following the same steps again.

You should now be familiar with Rinkeby testnet and have test eth in your wallet. If you’re having any issues, or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team on discord.

Thank you for helping us and the crypto community. We can’t wait to share TCAP on testnet with you!



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