The Cryptic Conjure Pre-Sale: August 2nd!

Cryptic Conjure
Jul 26, 2018 · 7 min read

It’s finally here, folks! We’ll be opening up our initial pre-sale to crypto enthusiasts and gamers worldwide on August 2nd. We have a fantastic selection of items going on sale, including numerous pieces of powerful equipment and artifacts that’ll give you an economic advantage.

Before we get to the full list, and explain everything, let’s go through the basics.

First, you’ll notice that we aren’t really selling spells, even though they’re the cornerstone for the entire game. There are a few reasons for this: we want all normal spells to be created in-game by the users, without exception. Also, it’s difficult for players to understand how to compare spells and their relative value without having a very in-depth knowledge of the battle system. What’s a spell power rating of 70 mean, exactly? How big is a 30 unit radius on a typical battlefield? These spells’ value come directly from how effective they are in-game against a variety of enemies, and without a fully-functioning beta, players would be purchasing effectively blind.

Also, there’s a fully playable demo being released shortly after the pre-sale begins. This demo is single-player, and it’s primarily meant to illustrate the basics of the game mechanics and how the game is going to look, sound, and feel. Your pre-sale purchases will not show up in the demo, as it’s not currently hooked up to your inventory. We’ll be building an early alpha version of the game within several months so players can interact with the community, craft spells, activate artifacts, and engage with the marketplace before the first beta release comes later down the line.

With all that said, let’s get to the shopping list!


Just a few of the many artifacts up for sale.

(You can read more about artifacts and altars here!)

Artifacts are the key driver of much of the economy in Cryptic Conjure, and as such, they’re a major focus of our pre-sale. As a quick reminder, one single-use artifact will activate a runic altar for a period of two weeks. When you use one, other players can seek out and use your runic altar to craft spells, paying a fee in ETH that you can control directly. The type of artifact you use will determine what bonuses are given to spells crafted at that altar.

We’re selling artifacts of all eight elements, and this is key. If you want to specialize in one or two particular elements, we highly recommend you purchase an artifact of those elements. Not only will you not have to pay the fee, of course, artifacts give a little extra bonus power to spells crafted by their owners.

Artifacts’ effects can stack on top of each other, as well. There might be a few altars out there with a lightning boost effect, but maybe yours has lightning-boost and mana-cost reduction effects together, making your altar more attractive; you can, of course, set your fee higher as a result. Understanding the market’s supply and demand will be key for prospective owners.

We’re also selling 5x multi-use and 15x multi-use artifacts, which are good for 10 total weeks and 30 total weeks of altar time, respectively. A massive value over buying them individually!


The six different types of crysta, in increasing order of rarity.

Ah, Crysta. The base ingredient needed in every spell. This is the second of two ways to boost a spell’s power upon creation (the first being artifact bonuses): rarer forms of Crysta mean an automatic boost in power.

Red Crysta drops at a rate of 1 in 10 kills (this rate is unaffected by how powerful an enemy is, or their other potential drops), and gives no extra bonus to a spell. Orange drops at 1 in 100, and gives a slight boost. Yellow is quite rare in-game, at 1 in 1,000, and gives a substantial boost. Green is 1 in 10,000; many players may never even see this drop, even if they play significantly, and gives a powerful boost. Blue is 1 in 100,000 (!) and makes any spell it touches into a powerhouse well beyond its intended level. Finally, there exist incredibly rare violet Crysta, literally 1 in 1,000,000. We don’t expect many of these to ever drop, let alone for an individual player.

There will exist a mechanism to trade lower levels of Crysta in for rarer forms, but at an inefficient rate (i.e., notably worse than 10-for-1).

We expect Crysta to be the most-traded item type in Cryptic Conjure, for good reason. Every spell will have a small colored dot to indicate which Crysta was used to craft it, and powerful players will be spending to obtain the rarer forms from lower-level players looking to trade it away for rare items or some ETH.

(As a small note, we’re initially selling Crysta as ERC-721 objects, as opposed to ERC-20. These will be redeemable for the proper ERC-20 tokens upon launch, but for now, we’d like all objects to be on a similar framework.)

The Council of Nine

The Council of Nine. Will you join their ranks?

(You can read more about the Council of Nine here!)

This is the big-ticket item, folks. Only four memberships to the Council of Nine will ever be sold, and those four players will have profound influence over the day-to-day lives of players throughout the course of the game. These can later be sold to other players, if you wish.

Members of the Council will get to create a custom avatar for use in game, which will also be heavily featured in marketing and the lore of the game. They’ll get a special title (“Of the Nine”) displayed after their name, and access to a permanent-use artifact, of which there will be no others.

These four players will be special, and alongside the democratically elected members of the Council, will have political power over the entire game world. Will you be the deciding vote?

Weapons and Armor

The Desta Daggers and the Rising Crimson Armor.

Every week, four new and unique pieces of equipment will be sold to players. While the exact stats on these pieces are yet to be determined, their key bonuses are locked in. These pieces will help players initially specialize in a variety of ways, whether via a specific element or playstyle, and will never be craftable or obtainable once the pre-sale ends. They will be forever unique.

We think we have some beautiful, unique pieces that’ll really appeal to players. While early on in the process, we can’t wait to see them on players and in-game.

Spell Vouchers

Spell vouchers; of incredible utility if saved for the right moment.

The final items being sold aren’t quite spells, but instead, spell vouchers. These unique items have the ability to completely bypass the normally required recipe for a particular spell, allowing a guaranteed acquisition of any known recipe without having to gather the required components, some of which might be quite rare.

They’re offered in four types: Level 5, Level 10, Level 15, and Level 20 (the initial level cap upon public launch). All spells have a base level; a Level 15 spell voucher will let you craft any spell up to base level 15, and so on.

It’s important to note that lower-level dungeons in Cryptic Conjure will be level-capped, so you won’t be able to run through it later with your high-level spells and demolish it. Maintaining powerful lower-capped spells is important to retaining access to rare spellcrafting components only dropped in those lower-level areas, so a Level 5 or Level 10 spell won’t necessarily see its utility slip even as you eclipse those levels in power.

That’s just about everything for the first-wave! We may also offer bundles and package deals a bit later on down the line.

It’s also important to note that the development of Cryptic Conjure is tied to achieving a certain amount of development funds up front. Should we not reach our goal, and the game doesn’t make it through to full development, you can be absolutely sure that your ETH will be refunded in full.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’re as excited about the pre-sale as we are! When it goes live on August 2nd, you can browse the marketplace here. Be sure to sign up for some free recruitment bonuses as well!

Cryptic Conjure

A multiplayer fantasy action-RPG built on the Ethereum blockchain and Unreal Engine 4.

Cryptic Conjure

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A fantasy, multiplayer action-RPG built on the Ethereum blockchain and Unreal 4.

Cryptic Conjure

A multiplayer fantasy action-RPG built on the Ethereum blockchain and Unreal Engine 4.

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