How The Cryptics AI Works

We look deep into the heart of the Cryptics AI and explain the various modules that make such a unique construct.

Many are now wondering whether AI is just a fad or still a figment of imagination that should not be taken seriously. But it is a real, functioning technology that has already permeated our lives very deeply. We may not notice it, but AI is almost everywhere on the internet. It is AI that decides which ads to display on the web pages you visit and what products to offer. Cryptics employs AI for a different reason. The purpose of the Cryptics AI is to weed out seeds from chaff as the market is flooded with an immense array of information that can interfere in discerning the truth from hype and other speculative factors.

Market moves

Market data that enters the Cryptics AI comes from several sources. The main source of information, and the most reliable, is data from major exchanges. These can be Binance or any other. These exchanges live on their reputation and the data they present is unlikely to be overinflated as on other exchanges. The Cryptics AI takes this data as the benchmark and utilizes it to establish averages and other price forecasts.

Live and history data

Another set of important aspects that is taken into account by the Cryptics AI is historical data. It is no secret that historical data repeats itself in market patterns over time and can be used as a reliable method of forecasting future price movements. The Cryptics AI takes several time stretches into consideration when forming its forecasts on historical data. Another important aspect is live data, which is fed into the AI in real time. This data will eventually turn into historical data, but sudden movements monitored in real time are instantly analyzed by the AI and are used to correct any forecasts in minute and other time intervals.

live trading report

The big Sentiment

Traders are an emotional bunch and they are very prone to impulse in their actions. Any news or rumor can easily spook them and force them to go into bearish or bullish moods. This sentiment data is collected from various sources, where traders express their opinions about market situations. The sources are numerous and include social networks, forums, news and blockchain blogs. The Cryptics AI has integrated language processing modules that can easily distinguish emotional patterns in written texts to discern points of interest based on key words and expressions. This data is invaluable in establishing the rate of sentiment on the market. As the sentiment grows and becomes more erratic or intense, the AI takes it into consideration and utilizes the data to correct forecasts.

Engine Sound of Gran Torino

The AI itself consists of a forecasting engine built of a series of modules. Each module is responsible for some of the aforementioned blocks of data reception and analysis. The aggregated data is then processed by the AI central core and fed into the forecasting engine as a mathematical code. The statistical probabilities are built on the sifted data.

AI Trading Bot

Another important module is the AI Trading Bot. This module is the one most used by traders in their daily operations. The bot is fed all of the data from the AI and utilizes it to build accurate forecasts and trading operations on the basis of the user’s chosen strategy that can be easily devised in a comprehensive wizard interface. The Bot then intakes the AI forecasts and the strategy and executes the selected operations in the exchange to maximize profits.

Easy set up in a Wizard

The AI Trading Bot interface allows the user to have as many different trading pairs, strategies and exchange platforms as they wish. The user is provided with the API keys necessary to conduct the trading in an automated fashion. The trading bot is also responsible for reporting the PnL and has inbuilt optimization modules that allow it to adapt to changing market conditions.

Fund Infrastructure

The aforementioned modules are made operable only thanks to the existence of a Smart Fund Infrastructure. This infrastructure includes a marketplace for the traders and their strategies, providing them with the necessary instruments they need to conduct their operations. To make sure that all transactions are transparent and immutable, the infrastructure is built on top of a blockchain track record that allows for full accountability and transparency.

Smart contracts for fund managers and investors

In addition to immutability, the infrastructure also grants several additional pros and benefits. Management of relationships between the fund manager/trader and the investor is made possible with the basis of a provider of investor and liquidity to make operations possible. The smart contract manages the fund and all the other payments, including profit sharing, thus ensuring full transparency and accountability. The blockchain base allows for ensuring such immutability while the smart contract makes sure that the trader trades abides by the agreed strategy.

All in all

The Cryptics AI is a non-invasive, highly advanced construct that works on the simple principle of aggregating vast amounts of data to ensure the output of highly accurate forecasts. This instrument is more than just a tool, it is a magical crystal ball for traders on such a volatile market as that of cryptocurrencies.

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