How to contribute using ImToken

Cryptics is continuing its efforts at facilitating participation in the Presale for its contributors and is delighted to publish the instruction on how to contribute using imToken.

This guideline will help you participate using ImToken. This wallet is available only in a mobile version for Android and Ios platforms, and is probably the most popular mobile application for storing cryptocurrency and tokens. With the help of our instruction, it will be pretty easy for you to participate using this wallet.

  1. First of all, visit official Cryptics website. Click “Get ETH address” button.

2. Copy ethereum address. Or use QR code for mobile application

3. Open the ImToken application on your mobile device

3.1. Click on “ETH” to send your Ethereum.

4. On the next screen, click the “Send” button to send your Ethereum

5. Paste the address that you have taken from your Personal Account, set the amount of Ether you want to spend and confirm your transaction.

How to create ImToken wallet

  1. Go to AppStore or Play Market and download the ImToken application
  2. Open it on your device and click on “Create Wallet

4. On next screen type your wallet name, set the password and agree with the “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” (but only after your read it) and click on “Create wallet”.

5. After that, make a backup with mnemonic words and your wallet is ready!