How to contribute using MyEtherWallet

Cryptics is publishing its first instruction on how to contribute to the Cryptics Token Sale using MyEtherWallet, and an additional instruction on how to generate your own wallet if you do not have one.

Our first guideline for contribution will feature the most popular Ethereum wallet, the MyEtherWallet. If you do not have this wallet, we have an instruction on how to generate your wallet account at the end of this article.

1. First of all, visit official Cryptics website. Click “Get ETH address” button.

2. Copy ethereum address. Or use QR code for mobile application

3. Visit MyEtherWallet to make your contribution.

3.1 Make sure the URL bar contains MYETHERWALLET INC [US] in green;

3.2 Click on the “Send Ether & Tokens” tab;

3.3 Choose the way to access your wallet (in our example, we used the most popular way through Keystore File);

3.4 Select the wallet file from your computer;

3.5 Enter the password in password field.

4. Send Ether

4.1 On the last screen, paste the address that you have copied from your Cryptics Personal Account;

4.2 Select the amount of Ether to send;

4.3 Click “Generate transaction”;

4.4 Then click “Send Transaction”.

5. You are about to send…

5.1 Finally, click on “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction

5.2 After that, verify your transaction.

All done, your contribution is complete!

How to create a wallet?

1. Visit the official MyEtherWallet website

1.1 Make sure the URL bar contains MYETHERWALLET INC [US] in green;

1.2 Set the password for your wallet;

1.3 Click “Create New Wallet”.

2. Download Keystore file on your computer

3. Copy and save your private key (it is crucial in case you need to restore your wallet)

4. Unlock your wallet

4.1 Now choose the Keystore file to access your wallet;

4.2 Select the wallet file from your computer;

4.3 Enter the password and unlock your wallet.

Congrats! Now you have an Ethereum wallet to store ether!

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