How to Participate in the Cryptics Token Sale

Cryptics is delighted to announce the project’s upcoming Token Sale and the accompanying procedures and campaigns aimed at maximizing value for all participants.

The Cryptics Token Sale will have a limited number of Presale Whitelist applications for only 25,000 participants (first day). The unique deposit system will grant all participants the opportunity to take advantage of a 30% Bonus tokens (35% for those who made a deposit).

The Token Sale will have a comprehensive Pre-ICO Bonus System for all participants. Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC) and Dash (DASH) will all be accepted at the Token Sale as currencies for the purchase of QRP Tokens.

Deposit Bonus System

The convenient Cryptics deposit system grants all participants the possibility of taking advantage of the generous 35% Bonus in QRP Tokens.

In order to receive the Bonus you have to:

  1. Apply to the whitelist;
  2. Verify your registration via email (please check your spam folder as well) and access your Personal Account;
  3. Buy tokens via your Personal Account before the Presale phase starts;
  4. Receive your 35% Bonus (the Bonus will be added after payment);
  5. The Presale will start 48 hours after the Whitelist is filled with 25,000 applications;
  6. You can participate in the Deposit phase beforehand and take advantage of the 35% Bonus in QRP Tokens.

For example, if you deposit 3 ETH before the Presale starts and you will get 4,050 QRP, instead of 3,000.

Presale conditions

  • Make sure you have an ERC-20 compatible wallet (Myetherwallet, Metamask, Mist, Parity, ImWallet);
  • Make sure that you have funds in the cryptocurrency you wish to use for the purchase;
  • Send the funds only from your personal address;
  • Do not set exchange wallet address in your Personal Account;
  • Always check that you are on our official website (;
  • Always check that you are in our user Personal Account (;
  • We will not use a specific address for accepting funds for participation in the Presale. All contributions go only through your Personal Account;
  • If you need any help, just contact the admins of our group in the our official Telegram channel;
  • The tokens will be sent after the end of the Token Sale and after you pass the AML and KYC procedures.

How to participate in the Presale

1. Go to the Cryptics website. Enter your email and click on Apply for the Whitelist. If you have already applied for the Whitelist, log in to your Personal Account;

2. Go to your email, open the letter from Cryptics and follow the provided link;

3. After accessing your Personal Account, go to the account settings tab and set a password;

4.1. Go to the Purchase Tokens tab;

4.2. Choose the currency you wish to use, select the number of tokens that you wish to buy using the calculator and click buy;

4.3. Your bonuses will be calculated afterwards on your paid participation

4.4. Click “Get QRP” button

5. For each payment an unique address will be generated for you to stay secure

6. Copy the address and the participation amount

7. Send your funds to the address that appears via any Ethereum wallet (on our screenshot we have used MyEtherWallet)

8. Your tokens will be sent to your Ethereum wallet, that you have set in your Personal Account after the end of the Token Sale.

Contribution Tutorials

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